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Good day my viewers.  Today i bring to you the solution of the fact that have been confusing everybody. I will take my time and vividly explain the difference between obsession and love.
First and foremost. What is love and what is obsession?
Love mean 'passionate/affection' in a single term. Love thus, can be defined as the process of having an exclusive feeling for something or someone. While on the other hand, OBSESSION means obstinate/addicted in one word.   Obsession can be defined as the process of been addicted to something or somebody. In most cases a person who is obssesed always feel possessed with love.
Now the differences are as follow:
when you love somebody you tend to want to see them free and happy with less stress.but when you are obssesed with somebody you want to see them constantly hanging out with you. You will want them to be happy only because of you and you will want them to think about you everytime because thats what you do too.
Love is a feeling that comes naturally from the heart but however it is affected by some factors.i.e blood. Let me expanciate on it more.  For example. Mrs A gave birth to a cripple or an ugly child. Mrs A will have no choice than to love the child because she is the mother of the child while in actual sense,Mrs A is a classy type that normally dislike ugly people. When we look at Mrs A case we will realise that the reason why she was forced to love her child is because of the 'BLOOD'connection between them. That explains why medical experts will suggest that one should get married to his or her blood group. Health is also a factor that affect love. For an ss patient. He or she will be forced to love an AA genotype because that what she need. Nature is the overall factor that pose a great effect on the person we love. The rule states as follows: the rate at which we love person is directly proportional to the kind of person we are.(NATURE).
. Now lets move to obsession,
obsession is not something That comes naturally from the heart. Obsession is only affected by artificial factors i.e money.  Just as we see it today. Many people tend to love people who have money. They can even go to the extend of terminating their relationship to begin a new one with someone whom has money.  Also, though it may sound unbelievable some witches and wizards can also make one to be obsessed.  They use spells and magics. 
Ways to know if people that are obsessed with you:
your relationship with them is not always going to be eternal. You will experience breaks up along the way.
They will want to have s3x with you.
They will never give you space. They will always want to be with you and they will text and call you when you are not with them.
They will be jealous whenever they see you with others.
 Love makes one free while obsession makes one caged.
Love is sweet while obsession is  a bitter sweet.
Most of us were obssesed and not in love.
Before you do anything silly in the relationship aspect of your life. Ask yourself this questions 'am i in love or obsessed?
Love is the best thing that will ever happen to you when you truly experience it.

In conclusion, their is never anything call true or fake love.
When you love, you love 
Fake love= obsession.
True love= love.

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