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Maybe because there is no true love

Not maybe, dere's no true love.If dere iz, where on earth will a married man be while his wife iz at home waiting 4 him 2 cm nd eat 2geda
wen ders true luv ders no cheatin
Yes! luv exists bt lets b honest here cos there is true luv n there is fake true luv u'll find sincerity of heart, trust, agreemnt,equality n tolerance bt fake luv is opposite-lies,doubts, disagreemnt,cheatin n lack of tolerance. TRUE LUV DNT CHEAT
Dere's true lov o.we ve many guyz who re nt cheatin on their depends wether dey rili lov demseves,if nt dere would be cheatin 
Maybe because there is no true love
Dat means der z no luv among demselves
true love never cheat.
Hummmmmmm, let us all be praying not to fall victim of this; cheating on one's partner may be because there's no true love and may not be on the other part; atimes, cheating occurs because of careless and lack of watchfulness; l've see a situation where true love was overthrown by devilish lady(agent of the devil); where lady is determined to have another woman's husband and it occurs by all means; some ladies/men are despirate and can do anything to husbands/wives of other ladies/men. The solution to this problem of cheating is (1.) Carefulness (2)Closeness to one's spouse (proper monitoring atimes)-dont give room to the devil. (3)Prayer- Even Jesus was tempted to fall; but remember, he had prayed and fasted for forty-days.
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Partners cheat not because they wish to use it as a way of hurting theselves but rather, there is a dealt of true love in that home. Talking of the men that cheat on their wives, its as a result of lust. And for the women, they do it 4 money. Imagine a wife who tells her husband of her children's school fees. But he keeps refusing, what do u expect of her.
Mind U, Its wrng 4 partners to cheat on themselves as it could lead 2 family misunderstanding and could as well put an end to a long time relationship.
Trait, like this,is also  inborn in some people,caused by homonal inbalance(over secretion of the s3x hormone) in them.
bcos d love d both share was never real,it was just a pretens dats y dy cheat,and there will always b a cheater if d luv between both is not their
wen ever der is original der will also be fake.Der 4 true love truly exist bt it takes d fake 4 cheating 2 occur
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
@Hooper& Anastercia,cheating on one's partner doesnt mean there's no true love in-between two of them;in fact its a wrong assumption to say partners cheating lack true love.
True Love does not hold one from following other ladies/guys;but some forces which needs to be dealt with; some have been attacked by spirit of f0rnication;even if u caught him/her with another person,he/she feel sorry and even crying seriously,but@ ds moment, the partner needs prayer of deliverance to be delivered.
Also,body nature which needs to be under control; l'm against cheating on one's partner, but there're things we need to know,so dt we'll not be beating about the bush.
lf u still join pple who say GENUINE LOVE is what can keep someone fom cheating, you would have lost your life partner before you know it.
lf u have a fiance who has this problem, stand in the gap to solve the problem with prayer, counselling and with patience, but dont ever marry him/her wt dt condition,bcos,its dangerous to ur life:solve d problem first.
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