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Head Mod.
Look - you really cannot avoid text messaging these days... especially when you have been "on the prowl" and
getting women's phone numbers during your weekend expeditions.

Just like face-to-face encounters, there are rules and principles
to obey when it comes to texting a woman. Follow these principles and you'll be nailing the "texting game" in no time at all...
I present to you...


Principle #1: Apply The "3-Second" Rule.
When you've gotten a woman's number, IMMEDIATELY text her (while you are still standing next to her). For example, say, "Who is that
hot guy standing next to you?"
This accomplishes two things -
1. It verifies that her number is real.
2. It breaks the "first text message barrier"... and makes it likelier for her to respond to you since you will be "familiar" to her.

Principle #2: Demonstrate Higher Value.
Just as when you talk to a woman face-to-face, you want to
demonstrate high value in the interaction - and not coming across as needy and weak. Therefore, you should NEVER send texts such as,
"How are you?", "What you doing now?", "When are you going to be
free?" and such.
Instead, be playful and don't be afraid of teasing her a little (while coming across as humorous at the same time).

Sending a joke is fine... as long as it is not self-effacing.

Principle #3: Avoid text overload.
OK, if you are completely smitten by her and she is responding well
to you, then it's natural to want to"text spam" her. Don't do it!

When you receive a reply from her, give her some time to reply you.
If you keep pestering her you might just freak her out. If she
texts you, DON'T reply her immediately... or you'll come across as
a needy geek totally in need of attention.

Remember.... being needy KILLS attraction.

If you have any questions please do ask.

This is awesome. Thanks for these great insights. Will you make this a series please?
Chris Head Mod.
Certainly. There are several dating issues which I would like to address. The series thing is a good idea but first I'll try talking to the admin to make a board for this, so all the posts posts dont get mixed up.
There is no way beans can grow on an apple tree, rather an apple grows on apple tree

Thanks for the post.
This is interesting. Thanks for opening up my mind.

Guys like this. I like it also!

Thanks 4 de advice. I wld luv to here more u.
Chris Head Mod.
Yeah, thanks for reading, I would be posting more stuff soon
@Chris(HM), you realy made a research on this, hmmmm, great job.
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Gwud u
It is wonderful here!.
Nelson, u will ever make it in life.B-)
Chris you again?
That's Chris for you. A notorious VIP.
@Chris, we are expecting you back; where are you these days?
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The email on his account is fake!

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