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1. How long did you wait before she gave you a
2. How long can you wait to get a YES?
3. Ladies, wetin be una problem? Is giving a guy
a tough time a guarantee he will treat you right?
4. Ladies, why must we chase you people like
we chase money before you say YES? I think
the love thing should be mutual na? Must you
stress the hell outta our lives?

Ladies dont say yes easily because of their experiences with guys;its not their fault; l cannot blame them, many guys are deceivers, who just want to taste and throw away.
Howbeit, my own story is special and unique, because my own wife said yes on the very first day I proposed to her;a special day in February,2008.
You need to ask question, why was it so quick?
I have prayed & got confirmations from God;I've been praying since 2003(4yrs) b4 I proposed to her and she too had prayed with confirmations: we did our wedding in the same year(2008)on sept 13; let me tell you this,we came together as virgins {at Ages 31yrs(me) and 28yrs(wife)};she is principled, disciplined,chaste, God-fearing and beautiful;Still she said yes immediately I proposed. To be candid, l treat her with respect, love and honour;the fact that she said yes at once doesnt give me audacity to treat her anyhow;it depends on my type of person.
Ladies, dont also believe that your man will treat you good because you gave him stress b4 u said yes.
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My MAN you are on POINT!!!
But getin married 2ur age mates is it ok?
At 28? Sure she didn't realise she was running out of time? Lolz... Maybe she was as well trusting God for a husband as at the time you were fasting and praying Lolz!
@ArabMoney, there's nothing wrong in getting married to one's age mate.
Love is the hallmark of any marriage and God's direction is the altimate.
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@Sir-Phil, running out of time?
God's time is the best and the philosophy of "running out of time" does not work with true children of God.
Many people make marital mistake because of what you said: "running out of time" and they face the eternal consequences.
To be candid, some richer men have made attemp to ask her hand in marriage(bcos she's beautiful); she even told me that a brother in the church came to her, begging her to marry him, but she refused, bcos God didnt tell her to do so: her faith was strong that God will bring the right man; to my own surprise, she said "YES" on the very first day I told her she's a God-ordained wife for me; she said she was sure and had prayed seriously on it and there's no need draging things.
She would have even married a man who was richer than me, but she waited for God-ordained person; in fact we got married into a single room without chairs, without electronic gadjets, in Ibadan then; she followed me despite my poor financial condition; her kind of woman is scarce.
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YEAH!!! I bliv u on dat
Good testimony, well am not yet thinking of marriage till the next 8yrs.
   In addition, I must be 6yrs older than whoever am to call my wife. Sure thats why am opting to get a little older just for the right ones to develop character too.
Lwkm...till den o
@Sir-Phil, I note something in your statement which is "MUST be 6years older".
My candid advice: you're not the one that will tell God the age interval between you and your wife, except you want to take God out of the scene and choose for yourself.
Those who want to get perfect will of God dont prescribe for God.
God is our Creator, who knows better than we do and knows the best for us.
To all in the house, I've noticed this error in the world today, that people dont wait on God for life-partners again, but rather follow what their eyes tell them; this is the reason for enormous divorce in the society.
In fact, praying to God for His will in marriage is now strange to many people and many churches are now teaching youths to choose by sight.
The best way of having happy home for life is by allowing God to choose life-partners for us.
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@ArabMoney, there's nothing wrong in getting married to one's age mate.
Love is the hallmark of any marriage; but God's direction is the altimate.
why do u think is good to marry a lady older than u?
As 4 me am not married am still very young 4 dat. But 4 those dat said they want to marry a gal dat they senior, yes is gud 4 a man to marry who he senior bt nt to senior her with 5 yrs above becoz ur wife will b very young nd u d husband will b old.
Dnt knw yet o
@Ajebutter Benita & Princess Ella; you're still revolving round what I said about choosing life-partner for one's self.
The fact is that people dont believe in God choosing for them again; many people generally, believe that they understand more than God who created us; you, as a lady, if God says the person that'll benefit you and give you peace of mind is some1 you're older than (as in the case of my own elder sister, who married a man who is younger than me),you have to settle for that;if God also says you're going to marry some1 far older than you(like 10 years older);dont argue with God, He knows the reason for that; but we humans are full of personal reasons for disobeying God.
But the question is that, how many are waiting on God for life-partner?
How many people believe that God can choose for them?
If you want perfect will of God for you in marriage, dont dictate for God, He knows better than we are and knows our future.
The best way is to forgo "idols" in the heart and focus on God for direction.
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U ar right, age dnt really matters.
@Princess Ella, you get the point.
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Well its not up to us to decide, marriage is a step that involves no going back, that is why we must allow God to choose our spouses  for us. I strongly agree with you Sam
@Sir-Phil, you're welcome.
 God knows the best for us and will always choose the best for His children.
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Verrily correct!
God's choice is d best
I am ready to wait for three and half years.
 Guess who's gonna be that lucky.
who will dat person be other dan ur g.f
Anyone, it could be you!


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