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True luv can fade away like beuty does, maybe b/c of conditn  poverty an sum tyms bad advice 4rm frends or ple around u.

@wizbabe. . . U are rite
 True luv never dies, it only goes sick. For instance, when two lovers seperate as a result of an unbearable offensive misunderstanding btw them, later in the future or in some years to come, they'll definately meet and continue from where they stoped...
@chinwe true love cn never die. . . .so if you say yes it cn that means you have nt find true love yet.
true love lives forever so i agree with you@marvis.
snow leopard said**No, it never dies, if you are truly in love. 63 months ago I have fallen in love three times in my life. While
my wife occupies the vast majority of my
thoughts about life and love, I have never truly
shaken the two other ladies out of my mind
entirely. As long as I am lucid, I will occasionally
think of them and wonder how they are doing. It took me a long time to get over being angry
at my first love who jilted me. But, eventually I
did. Now I can say with complete honesty that I
have nothing but good memories of our time
together and wish her well. For the longest period of time I used to think that
I was a hopeless romantic because I still carried
memories of the other women in my life. Then
when I was about forty five, a friend and client
who was about a decade older asked me if I
would be best man at his wedding. I agreed. Afterwards, he told me that after his wife died,
he went to a college class reunion where he ran
into his college sweetheart. He had proposed
marriage to her their last year of college. She had
turned him down because she was a small town
girl who didn’t want to move to a big city, which was where his job was going to be taking
him. She broke his heart, but eventually he
forgave her. At the reunion, he discovered that she had been
recently widowed. Amazingly--or maybe not--
they picked up where they had left off. They
have been married happily--as far as I can tell--for
about ten years. Since he does consulting work,
they live in a far suburban community which is still pretty much in the country. They do realize
that if they had thought through the issue at
twenty one like they did at fifty five, they
wouldn’t have split up in the first place. But, on
the other hand, they are grateful that they
received a second chance, which few couples do. I suspect that they were truly in love, since they
both never had forgotten the other and still had
warm memories of their relationship.
True Love Can Never Die.
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guyz true love never die get stronger wit a matter of tym
Spottykay Publisher
if the rope of the love is thick i won't die all types of love
True Love is a spirit. Do you believe that the spirit of man never dies? Even if the body dies, the spirit can never die. True love can never die, physically as d physical body, it seams dt it dies when two lovers separate from each other, but later they begin again to think of each other; that is why u are surprised to see a man/woman still running after someone who has offended him/her so much,bcos of that true love.
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dats a nice1@sam
if you eat bread and your mucor what happens
nt possible.......true love cant die
ya . .it cnt.
True luv can nt die
and wat if de true love nw starts misbehaving or cheating on u?
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
just knw that love is nt perfect and if ur true love starts misbehaving try to restore balance to it but if it still continue just knw that it is not true love. . .cos true love is deeper than life itself@Anastercia
ya it cn never die.
True never dies as long as u luv who u luv
s3xy mama*2
yes,b'coz d one u love can betray u.
Nowadays true lv is the hardest thing to dies
i dont think true love can die bcuz if true love dies dat means no love is pure.
NO,nd sometime it can.......
true lve can't die no matter wat,dat's y it is called "TRUE LOVE"
@Spykid26, it is true that true love not easy to get nowadays, but once you get it,it doesnt die, have you not seen a situation where by a guy or girl is ready to die in the course of geting married to his/her partner, eventhough he/she has been maltreated, still he/she's running after the person; evn when two true loves separate, they dont die; they still remain in the memories of each other for life.
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Yes human love will surely die, true love only come from GOD
Sweet dreams.
Yes human love will surely die, true love only come from GOD
Yes, that is the bitter truth that many would not want to hear; TRUE LOVE ONLY COME FROM GOD; you cannot choose true love by sight; that is where 'prayer before chosing life partner comes in'.
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