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can someone tell me the work of a wife in the house?

 Gen 2:18--The LORD God said, "It is not gud 4 man 2 be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him."
  Therefore a wife is to support her husband in all he does in making a living, she is to submit totally to him. Read 1 Corintians 7:1-16 explains best
is to assist him
d work of a house wife is 2 assist d husband and children.
D Work Of A Wife Is 2 Make Sure . D Home Is Neat. She Should Also Prepare Her Husband's Meal B4 He Comes Home. Bcos A Hungry Man Is An Angry Man. & Also She Cares 4 D Children
A house wife is to care for her family,do the house chores and ensure that her house is always serene and tidy.
D work of a wife, is 2 help d man in building a loving home, help him fulfil d prophecy dat says: b fruitful & multiply.
She is Home-Maker. Proverbs 31:10-31. has said it all.
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