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Women are often
reprimanded for being
complicated creatures, but the
truth is that men can be just
as guilty of sending mixed
signals to the opposite s3x. A
lot of the reasons for why
revert back to society's
traditional line of thought
around masculinity — and
what's deemed "cool" or not
— but let's be honest: That's
no excuse. So if you've ever
wondered what we, as men,
really think and want, here's a
sneak peek at what we wish
you knew.
1. We crave
compliments just as
much as you.
Some guys may try to play it
off like they don't need praise
— they just threw on that T-
shirt without thinking — but
anyone who tries to tell you
they don't want a compliment
tossed their way is full of crap.
Yes, we thought about what
you'll think of how those jeans
show off our assets. And yes,
we want you to notice how
the edge of our sleeves
perfectly grip our biceps.
(We've worked hard to make
the muscle pop like that.)
These compliments —
whether they're actually
voiced or delivered through a
lingering stare — remind men
of what attracted you to us in
the first place, it appeals to our
Darwinian sense of selectivity
(meaning it's crystal-clear why
you keep choosing us over the
other monkeys), and sure, it
makes us think there's a
possibility of procreation — or
at least practicing the art of it.
2. And they don't have
to just be about our
Just to be clear, the praise you
give doesn't need to revolve
around our bodies. In fact, it's
important that women
commend the things that
masculinity tends to belittle,
like if we're good cooks or
have insightful takeaways
about foreign films. Tell us
when we're nailing the whole
parenting thing, if we're being
helpful partners, or that you
think we're caring sons. These
kinds of compliments aren't
something we'll soon forget,
and only make us want to
further prove that we're
worth your kind words.

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