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Mr Paul
A prophet/evangelist, named Evangelist Niyi Adedokun prophesied on Nigeria in his song album (titled "Ilu Eje"= Bloody City) that this nation will surely divide into three.
I believe the prophecy because I believe in his God & ministry; he's a man of integrity, who doesn't talk anyhow.
The question is that, will this favour us as Nigerians?
Give your opinion and let's learn from it.

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To me;I think its the best solution to all these confusion in Nigeria.
I thought within me that Nigeria is too big for one person to govern, except for few/brave men who have large,intelligent and compassionate hearts;and such people are not common: they are very scarce in our society; their number to the society population is like ratio 1:1,000,0000
Sincerely speaking, many presidents and heads of state have dissappointed us in Nigeria, these includes people like Ibrahim Babangida, Abacha, Goodluck Jonathan etc.
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For me is better for nigeria to be split into three, so dat d hausa will rule themselves. At list this bombing nd destroying of life will stop.
@Little Angel, exaltly each tribe goes her way and follows individual culture.
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Felixibj Guest
@Little Angel, exaltly each tribe goes her way and follows individual culture.
see i believe coming 2geda z d best...see this z will always b like this ntn more...but there re somtinz we lack instead of a party or pple to commend a govt they will blame it..and above all its citizens aint involve we only play our rights during election thats all...we need to knw every step d govt z taking...govt needs to ask of its pple opinion...this will make a beta govt
@Felixibj, why should we commend government under suffering & tribute?
The issue is,those who are seriously affected can never commend wicked & bloody governments.
Look at thousands of people dying through the menace of boko haram; can we or the relatives of those who died commend President Jonathan on this?
People are really sighing& suffering;
Forget about commendation;lets call spade spade;you can't stay without having what to eat for three days&begin to commend such govt;of course, you may even kill them if you have a chance to do so;that's what we're saying.
SELFISHNESS is killing us in Nigeria. Once,some people(who are in position to address bad issues in the country)have some reasonable amount of money which can sustain their families,they forget about others& begin to say, govt is good.
Look at the issue of epileptic electric supply in Nigeria;those who have power to correct the problem dont do so,because they have generators that can serve them 24/7;SELFISHNESS IS ONE MAJOR PROBLEM IN NIGERIA.
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It wont be gud 4 Nigeria 2 split into 3 countries bcuz d disadvantages wud be more dan d advantages.
@TEMIBEST, we would have loved to be together, but the fact is that our leaders are not working towards unity; that's why I believe in one part that this country will split into three and I believe in another part because it has been prophesied.
About the disadvantages; what are the disadvantages you are talking about?
I mean, tell us the disadvantages, we want to learn from it.
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
It will be gud at least so that this islamic sect boko haram will go their ways with hausa who are mostly muslims.
kitsune Guest
divison wont help anybody. the insurgents  wont care if the country is divided , they want power and will still fight untill they win or are stopped. hate is already in their nature.  we need to unite and show them who is boss but apparently our current leaders are only concerned in plundering our nation's wealth 
we shld nt fight,whoever God has appointd 2 rule us would win,so we shld accept d result in peace.

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