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 Nigeria politics has gone far beyond ordinary democracy like we use to call it, i can now see it as an era of Milto-democracy where we have military power in democratic disguise.
 The freedom of speech, to vote and be voted for, choice of religion and other fundamental human right has been crossed out.
 Judging the oncoming election from what is going on today, are we free to cast our votes? When we have political thugs everywhere forcing people to vote for a particular person or Stealing of balot boxes.
 Apart from that, following friend's pattern is really killing us in Nigeria today. People don't really know the qualities of the person they are voting for but just vote because they love the party or because they see their friend voting for thesame person.
 I only pray 2015 election will be an election of one man one vote like that of Awolowo and Abiola. days 

We need God's intervention in Nigeria.
One prophecy by a prophet (Niyi Adedokun), which I believe will still come to pass in this country is division of Nigeria into three parts;but our prayer is that it should be with peace and not through war.
We should be praying seriously for the peace of this country.
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What is killing Nigeria is corruption and becoz of bribe we doen't know our right anymore. All we dat are the citizen have to pray to GOD to save our country if not life and property will continue to be destroyed by boko haram. 
You are right Princess Ella, and as many that can fast and pray for Nigeria, let us do so, to avert war and more blood-shed.
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Let jst pray 4 GOD intervention becoz i dnt know what Nigeria is turning into, everyday d lifes of d young citizens are been wasted. We have to pray with all our heart 4 GOD to change our country to a better country nd were their will b peace.

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