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A lady nd r husband-2-be went out just 2 eat lunch in a fast food.D lady wanted 2 fart bt didnt know where 2 do it nd she's a  village girl who has neva used a mordern toilet b4 nd she was scared 2 do it cos r husband was there so she decided 2 hold so she wont be disgraced.Wen they finished they went into d car,d husband den told r dat he want's 2 get smtin so she farted nd den sprayed air freshner.Wen he came bac he said 2 d wife,"Meet my parents".She did nt know wat 2 do.Wat will u do if u were in d lady's shoes?

Well...considering being in her shoes, since i am not use to the city life nor do i know how they greet themselves, i'll just bow my head and shake hands with them.

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