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Mr A
Port-Harcourt Spectranet data plans in Nigeria.

Spectranet Nigeria just recently lauched oprations in Port-Harcourt in January 2016 after being active in Lagos and Abuja for some time now.

The spectranet internet plans listed in this post are only available in Port-Harcourt. To see the list of data plans in other states, use the links below:

Spectranet Plans In Lagos
Spectranet Plans In Abuja
Spectranet Plans In Ibadan

Port-Harcourt Spectranet Internet Plans

24x7 Plans

Plan NameValidityData Allowance (GB)Access PeriodPrice
Excess Neo 500030 Days5GBAll DayN5,000
Excess Value 1000030 Days20GBAll DayN10,000
Excess Smart 2250030 Days50GBAll DayN22,500

Night Plans

Plan NameValidityData Allowance (GB)Access PeriodPrice
Knight 500030 Days20GB6PM to 8AM (see note below)N5,000

Note: All night plans are 'All Day' (24 hours) on weekends and public holidays.

Business Data Plans

Plan NameValidityData Allowance (GB)Access PeriodPrice
Business Premium 4000030 Days100GBAll DayN40,000
Business Premium 7000030 Days200GBAll DayN70,000

Top-Up (Extra Data)

Plan NameValidityData Allowance (GB)Access PeriodPrice
Easy Top-upAs per bundle1GBAs per bundleN500

Note: Top-up can only be used when you run out of data on your active plan. You cannot use the top-up service after your plan has expired. The price for top-up data is the same for all states.

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That's really AWESOME!
I think that's the best for cyber cafe's
Also for schools and other large organisations.
In schools??? I've not heard that before ooo,i though school were meant for reading and learning or who is paying for it?
The school I graduated from had a WiFi network. The University am in now also has such services.
Uh,but is it free or you paid
I paid for it as part of my school fees. It is available for every student.
Wowwww that's awesome
Ours isn't the only one that provides such services, a multiplicity of others do the same thing.
Okay i haven't heard
Now you have.
So I'll keep it to myself
That's selfishness!
Others must have known
Fine!!!!! I'll inform the people I can tell,I mean those who likes it and need it
More I care.

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