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Please who can help me about my  Nokia 7210 when i insert battery in the phone by the time i will switch it on it will just virate but screen will not switch on both the screen and button will not on

Chris Head Mod.
You mean the lights don't come on? Does the screen display anything at all?
Does it displays charging mode while charging it even if it shows nothing?
No it will only vibrate
It does not show anything at all when i power it on it will only vibrate even i charge it no result and even the button wont power on apart from screen only vibrate and it will be getting hot
Chris Head Mod.
It's most likely a screen problem. Try replacing the screen.
ok thank you very much
I also taught of relacing the screen with a good one possibly a new unused one for the present screen might be bad.
 Thanks Chris.
Spotty, i once had same problem, i looked for a solution and i was told to change the screen with a new one, so i did and my phone became normal.
  Go try it out.
ok thank you very much
Look the phone still didnt work it is only getting hot and vibrating
Wonderful, i a kind of knew you'd send this.
  At this point, meet a phone specialist(repairer).
Chris Head Mod.
Look the phone still didnt work it is only getting hot and vibrating
Did you get a new screen on it?
it wont work so far it getting hot .it is not the screen nither the pad what really happend to ur phone is due to some process u may have undergon the best method....change the panel and and the batteries or u get another

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