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Globacom has already been declared as the winner of the Cheapest Data Subscription Competition since September 2015 and it's still reigning but now,we should suggest that MTN now know what it all meant when they've found out users were no more used to their network anymore then they now knew it was all their fault for allowing Glo to finish them up,and so now MTN is getting back into the lead by introducing 24hours unlimited data plan for just N100 but it's not really improved and the reason why I said it's not improved is that not all MTN sims are eligible for the plan.
To know if you're Eligible
Dial *567*58#and reply with 1 which costs N100
These second plan cost N150,just dial *567*59# and reply with 1 then activate it if you're eligible.
I wish you the best of luck but first of all dial the code before recharging to confirm if eligible or not.
Try it and share your experience by replying to the comment box below.

What are you really saying, did you at all care to preview your text before posting?
Use the "Modify" button.
why did you say that,i see no errors
Here are the errors detected, you have 2hrs to correct them.

 " reply with 1 which costs N" [incomplete]

  " luck but first of all dial t" [incomplete]

 " experience by replying to" [incomplete]
ah sir phil,there's a big problem ooo,all what i'm seing is the way I wrote it
It is much more clear to me now.
 Always PREVIEW your texts before posting, especially new topics.
I think it's has been modified,check it
I saw that before making my last post. You must take caution.
Wow! This is nice Globacom
but i never knew,even if I made a preview of it,it won't bring those errors
Your problem is that you wish to talk but never willing to listen.
Ah ah was it my fault!!!,
was it not when you told me it was errors then i went back to a place which i made the copy from then reposted it with another browser and that's all,even when you told me,all the words were written as i wrote it correctly and so is that now my fault and why will I even believe immediately,when you told me i checked the post it was all complete so how would i know some parts where invisible,and i listened,because if i refused to listen i won't modify it and i thank God i had a copy of it with me,if not so I won't be chanced to type again and all i'm going to say is that someone should remove it because i'm helpless without the copy and all i did was that I switched to another browser when you told me it was in complete then I copied it with another browser then paste it again so then I asked you have you seen it clearly because the result on my browsers were all complete and that's all.
You. e.made.another point, so all the information you gave were not based on what you know, rather a copy and paste.from somewhere? How then are you sure it works as you prescribed?
Okay let me ask you this did you know anything about UC Browser Clipboard?
This clipboard is a place where you saved typed documents or any words just to make it save and has a long character so I didn'ttttt copy any thing I wrote it and saved it there then I posted it on my blog understood?
Quite clear now, but that is no excuse as to why you shouldn't have previewed it on before posting. The PREVIEW button is there so as to correct such occurrences. Make the best of it.
Thanks,I'll do so
I trust you will.

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