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Android, Windows, Apple, Or What?

I love the first two
android and windows phone which do you prefer?
I have never used windows phone but i have once used android for a little time. The only thing i must loudly say it now is that i prefer android phone than windows phone despite the fact that they have different features and uses to different users.
That's True, But Like That Phone You See Up There Is A Transparent Windows Sos Phone.Windows Phone Is Just Like A Computer Meaning That There Is No Application It Cannot Install Be It Blackberry App Or Android App Or Apple App. But U Rightly Said Most People Will Prefer Android Because It Is Commonly And Widely Used And The Price Is Low In Comparison To Other Smart Phone.
Yes that is definitely truth. Could you please tell me the windows you know that supports both Android and Blackerry apps?
The Truth And The Fact Is That Windows Phone Is Just Like A Mini Laptop Or Computer And A Laptop Can Install All These, Except 1. It Depend On The Verson Of The Windows Phone 2. It Depend On The Ram Of The Phone.
Ok i want to know the windows phone name and model so that i will go and look for the phone to see it's amazing feature.
An Example Is The One You Can Up There.
Window Sos Transparent Phone The Phone Can Adapt To Any Weather Condition.
windows are very secure and android only an antivirus but android has more developed software
It is very uncommon to see people using windows phone and iOS these days due to expensiveness, but Android has many phones in the market at cheaper prices. That is why Android manufacturers are always developing and making massive sales in the world of mobile market, though i am an Android fan, but it does not obviously means i hated windows phones and iOS devices.
In terms of quality and longitivity, I think Nokia and Blackberry is got the nod.
hey please is that a windows phone in the pics or apple
You are always keen to change a topic Spottykay, you musnt post in every topic you see if you dont have something meaningful to say.
Ah what are you still saying i asked what's the name of the phone in that topic when it looked strange
I prefer android.
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Nokia and BlackBerry have both produced phones with android programs.
O yes, that makes it interesting; that is, an android lover can go for any of the three.
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Other android products are whack!
Do you mean whacko, meaning crazy ones?
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Crazy products of infinitesimal quality.
Hmmm, what a suitable adjective !
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Another compliment?
Yes, for giving an accurate adjective.
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Thanks for the compliment then.
You are welcome.
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Pleasure is all mine.

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