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We all know the 2go messenger,Which is used in chatting and it's more popular when it came out but when the whatsapp and bbm came up the population of 2go went down.Several 2go users complain that their 2go account is hacked,this occurs mostly when one login with another phone and the reason why i posted this was that,using the 2go 3.7 oldest version made hackings possible if you login and cant logout then wait for the hacker to log you out then thats my own advice is that do not use the 2go 3.7 the problem with it is just:No way to logout but the way is just for you to quit the 2go and open again before it loads and starts press # then it log out and after you'll now see why i posted this cause after logging out it displays username and password,now scroll to the password and enter if your password is 5487252 it will display it not "*******" and it wont erase the Number it just displays it without moving or protecting it self,just try this it works so if you need to protect your account don't login with others phone

How the hell did you discover that?
In my view, with the new impovement 2go made in the new version of 2go which has never make me move to use the new version, thus still sticked to the old version which is version 3.7. I might agree with some of your points but not all. What you have stated might happen to those who usually use their friends phone to login to their 2go account.
Spottykay Publisher
Just Try This When You Open The 2go 3.7 Version It Loads But Before It Gets Away From Where It Says Press # To Log Out Then Press D Button And See What Happen It Displays Username And Password Scroll To D Password Box And Check It Shows It Clearly
I don't even do much of 2go of recent. Technology is advancing.
I only chat on 2go because some of my friends still do it but I too don't even care to 2go

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