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Most of these new
android phones
bluetooth doesn’t scan
for other low specs
devices like Java
Nokia’s and China
Phones,especially the
one’s with out dated
bluetooth versions so if
you have a tablet or
another android phone
that doesn’t detect
other low devices but
can detect a similar
android to it then this
post is here to teach
you how to fix an
androids bluetooth’s not
detecting other smaller
phones,just follow these
steps below:
How To Fix The
1. Switch ON the
bluetooth of the
phone which can’t
be detected by
the android(The
lower specs
2. Also on that same
phone,in the
settings enable
make sure
visibility is ON.
3. Now,open the
android not
detecting the
device then
switch ON the
Bluetooth of the
4. Make sure
visibility is
turned on in the
5. Now go back to
the small phone
which was
searched for but
not detected then
goto bluetooth
and Search for a
new device then
if the android
device has been
detected on the
small phone then
pair your
bluetooth with
it,the android will
see it and add it
to the paired list.
Since the device being
paired with and added
to the paired list then
goto the file you’d like
to send and share with
bluetooth,when it brings
the bluetooth paired list
then it shows the
devices it has been
paired with so click it
and the android will
start sending.
Before taking this
above steps,make sure
your android’s
bluetooth is working
well and also be sure
your visibility is turned
To short the words if
not clear,use the
smaller phone to pair
with the android as if
you’re trying to send a
file to the android.
If you’re having the
problem then follow the
guidelines I’ve listed,it
should work for you.

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