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Mr A
It is possible to subscribe for the cheap Glo Blackberry plans and use them on your Android phone, iPhone and PC. The most commonly used Glo data bundle on BlackBerry is the 3GB plan for 1K, and I am going to show you how to activate this 3GB plan on your android phone and enjoy cheap internet access. There are basically two ways of going about this and I have outlined them in detail below.

Note: This purpose of this article is to serve as a suggestion / guide. At this point, I will not be liable for any decisions you make on your own. Follow these steps at your own risk.

1. How To Use Glo BIS on Android

The safest method to get the Glo BIS plan running on your android device would be to subscribe from a BlackBerry device.
  • Get a BlackBerry phone.
  • Insert your Glo SIM into it, the turn on the phone.
  • You may want to temporarily turn off the data signal to prevent data charges for invisible internet usage (notifications). You don't want your N1000 to miraculously transform to N999.
  • To turn off data on legacy BB devices, go to Options > Networks and Connections > Data Services > Off
  • Recharge N1000
  • Dial *777*9# to subscribe to the Glo BIS 3GB plan.
  • Now, turn your data signal back on.
  • Go to the browser, then load one or two pages.
  • Turn off the BlackBerry and take out the SIM.
  • Insert the SIM into your Android phone or iPhone.
  • Change your Access Point Name (APN) to
  • Browse the internet.

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This I have known for a long time. But now, most people prefer to root their phones, i.e they change the IMEI of the phone in this process.
 Now can I ask this, which of them is safer to use?
 Rooting or Subscribing from a Blackberry phone then later transferring it to your phone?
Spottykay Publisher
Ah,if your phone is good and it depends if you can afford paying to get mb then don't root but if you're a kind who does not have enough money to be paying all times then root.
Far from that. Rooting automatically changes your IMEI and gives you something I could say a new operating system. Restoring it back to it's initial state is same as flashing your phone, you and I know its dangerous to flash phones on numerous occasions.
Spottykay Publisher
Have you heard of Imei tweaking cheat? And to me I haven't seen what's bad in rooting
Yea you wouldn't know the negative effects of it coz you are still yet to experience it.
Spottykay Publisher
What are the negative effects
I had mentioned them in my post earlier, you don't expect me to go over it again.
Spottykay Publisher
To me it's really not bad
Opinions are like arse holes, everyone is entitled to his.
Spottykay Publisher
My opinions are like ass holes
Look I made a  mistake what I meant was:those who are willing to tweak or root can do it if they wish and another thing is I can't don't see that as a very bad advantage

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