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The Right Bathing Soap To Use

A lot of people may think: "It's just soap and it's washing dirt away, so what."

Well, my name is Chris and allow me to burst your bubble today by saying that Your bathing soap may be doing a lot more harm than good.
If you are a girl, i'd reckon you would find this post very interesting. Read on...

Have you looked on your soap pack or read the constituents and wondered why they use all those ingredients and chemicals in it? If the soap was only made for removing dirt, why then didn't they just use only the soap base??

There's only one thing you should consider when buying a bathing soap, and that is...... PH
Ph is the level of acidity or alkalinity of a substance.

Why Is The PH Important?
If you studied chemistry in high school you may have learnt that the human skin has an acidic Ph value. Yes, your skin is slightly acidic! Therefore your skin products should either be neutral in ph or slightly acidic too.

Most Nigerian soap products are very alkaline and contain a lot of alkaline substances (like sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride e.t.c).
Examples of such soaps are Eva and Tetmosol. These soaps are bad for your skin. You may have noticed that you feel very dry, chapped and uncomfortable after using them, and then your lips and hair become dry and chaffy. After a while, the skin covering your lower lip begins to peel away.
If you want a soap that serves as a disinfectant, dont buy Tetmosol, I'd advise to buy a bottle of dettol and put a few drops in your bathing water.

How Do I Check The PH?
Although you know it would be ridiculous to walk around the market carrying a ph scale, so I will show you a few ways to determine a good soap:

1. Look at the ingredients... If you see a lot of sodium this or sodium that then it's not good. e.g Eva

2. Buy it and try it... A good soap should not lather much and should be very easy to rinse off. If it requires a lot of water to rinse off then it's bad.

3. Here are some good ones:
- Irish Spring: It's the best bathing soap ever if you ask me. After bathing with it, it may be difficult to decide whether to use body lotion or not. It's awesome, it retains the moisture in your skin and hair and makes you feel and beautiful throughout the day. Trust me, your complexion would improve over time. It is sold for N200 in Nigeria. It's worth it.

b) B-29: Yes I said it. Although most people use this soap for laundry purposes but it's an awesome soap for bathing. It contains glycerin a powerful skin care substance.
Some other good ones are:
c) Dettol Skin care
d) Dettol Cool
e) Any liquid shower gel.

Please if you have questions or criticism, leave a comment and i'll reply as soon as I can.

true talk
dat's cool n nice'
This A gr8t Job Chris
you tried detector.

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