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mayb all in olding days nomatter education women had she ll end it up to kitchen.... That is y they treated female child like a slave but now things has changed
That was in the olden days when women were only trained and taken as housewives
Sum men ar really hot-tempered wen provoked to d extent dat dey 4get discipline exists most at-times wen dey'v been provoked by deir wives a several tims dat d wife bcoms vry disrespectful n insultive they beat her up as dey gets tired of tolerating her
That is a blatant lie! Female are always given preferential treatment anywhere they find themselves. How then can you say they are treated as slaves? It doesn't make sense to me.
l want to ask: how are women treated like slave?
Women are given more respect anywhere, except talking about female children abuse.
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A man is capable of losing his respect sometimes when a.woman is involved. I still.don't und3stand why someone would think that.
Well, opposite s3x attraction causes that for many men.
Some men(though not all) becomes weak immediately a woman is involved in a matter;
that is why you hear many saying "POWER OF WOMEN"!
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But how come some men are so different? I mean people like me, I don't give a damn if you are a woman, I don't give preferential treatment.

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