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Wherever our origins
ultimately lie, there is no
rational doubt that we Homo
sapiens are proximally the
product of an eventful
evolutionary past.

The occurence of any event was as a result of its origin, without a start, there can't be a continuation.
 We care abut d revolutionary influence of human evolution as a result of enthusiastic determination 2wards human growth and humanitarian progress.
what is your view of evolution?
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The theory of evolution is wrong. The only way to explain how man evoluted is clearly recorded in the Bible.
That is why l asked him that question.
You know, many have gathered theories of science to counter the work of God.
Some are even counting millions of years on what God created not up to 7,000 years ago.
I dont know where they get those rubbish.
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Paul, it has been more than 7000 years since creation. Remember when people live for seven hundred years? Two men would counter over a thousand years.
I thought you have known that before.
Philemon, its just about 6,015years ago that the world was created ago; l give you that as an assignment: go and check with the common bible in your hands and calculate.
It's not a topic of argument at all.
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I will be back when I 've had made my own findings, I can't just agree with you until I find out that the information you gave is in the context of existing knowledge.
You made me laugh o;
I will never confirm what l didnt study thoroghly and got the currect data of in the bible: this is a proof that you have not even known your friend- l dont preach philosophy of science and l dont preach heresy, by God's grace.
So, go on finding and come back: its what you can study today and give answer.
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My research will not be basically from the Bible, though am gonna avoid scientific approaches to this. So like I said earlier, bookmark this page and give me time. I will be back.

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