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Head Mod.
Assume that you're in a burning house and you have the time to save only one thing from the burning house, which of these would you save and why?

1. Your Mum
2. Degree Certificate
3. $ 1,000,000
4. Spouse
5. 2 months old baby
6. Bible

Mr A
Mr A Admin
BIBLE:- You can get another bible if you really needed it.

CERTIFICATE:- I would have had a soft copy of my certificate (everyone does) so that's out of the way.

MONEY:- There's people's lives involved here so money is out of the way.

SPOUSE:- Depends on how long you've been married and if you have kids. Nevertheless, your spouse can leave you in future, you've heard of all the stabbing and hot water pouring in the news. Love doesn't last forever (most of the time.)

MUM:- Your mum has lived her life. The presence of the baby disqualifies her as the candidate of choice.

BABY:- It's still young, it doesn't even know who it is yet. You have no idea how much talent may be in that kid. That child may perhaps be the greatest gift you've ever had. Save the kid.

Anyway, this is an illogical question that will never occur no matter how you look at it. Why would your mum or spouse not run with you to the exit? Even if I wanted to save the baby, why can't I also grab the certificate? It's not much of a load is it? (unless it's a certificate inscribed on a massive block of cement)

Also, I don't think anyone would keep a million dollars in their home (well, unless they just robbed a bank).

Even if everyone were in different rooms at the time of the fire, it's still less likely to occur, unless you were playing hide and seek (with the baby).
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Chris Head Mod.
Well said... 10/10
Mr A
Mr A Admin
Errm... Your siblings are not on the list.
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Good idea 100% sure.
I will save my mum. It is the only. thing that cannot be replaced in this world.

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