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The world is at war : As Malaysia search for its missing plane MH370 carring 239 souls, and As Nigeria fights against TERRORIST known as 'BokoHaram' which has caused loss of more than 700 lifes just within 3 months. And has Russia, USA, Ukraine, and the United Nation looks forward to the Referendum of CRIMEA division back to Russia. And as Egypt battles against Terrorist. And as Mali fight against Rebels with the assistance of peace keeping from United Nations to 'CHINA'. And as Syrian faces its Civil war and Many other Unprecedent Matter round the Globe.....,.,..

And recently, we had incidents of Paris attacks.
Don't be surprised at all these; its one of the signs of the last days as said by the bible in Matthew 24:1-end.
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Last days... God help us!
Yes, we need God's mercy to make it; because Jesus may come any time from now- we must be ready.
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So we may not be found wanting.
Yes- 1Corinthians 9:27.
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