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Power is the ability to do work ,vision is the inseight to the future.the power of vision is the ability to create and make the future to look by wisdom.when u see a vision about the future is power u posses.any thing that happen to u in life either gud or  is the vision u see or refused to  see.when u  dream  God is tryin to review so things to you .so frm to day start see vision

Mr A
Mr A Admin
I'll add a few things to what you have said:
Vision is actually a mystical or religious experience of seeing some supernatural event or person. Basicaly, it's just imagination, that is, having a mental image of something imaginary. It may also be an unusual keen perception.
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Chris Head Mod.
Is that even possible?
Power is the ability to do work ,vision is the inseight of future.without VISION  no FUTURE
Vision iz a supernatural revelation 4rm GOD 2 HIS children
Vision Is Fore Seeing Future Events, Things Dat Will Happen In D Future

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