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Head Mod.
There's no such thing as the illuminati. Even if there is, it is not what we see it as today. It's funny how artists use the gullible people to gain extra attention and fame.

JayZ took advantage of the fact that most people speculated him to be a member, and he got super famous for it. That is, many people who never knew him now know him, thanks to the illuminati + gullible people.

Also, when Kanye started rolling with Jay, they screamed illuminati.

When BigSean and Dbanj started rolling with Kanye, what did they say? Some people sha...

In the "My Last" music video where the "All seeing eye" logo is shown on bigsean's jacket... guess how many people ran to youtube to WATCH the video.. #Go figure

And guess why Chris Brown's "Fallen Angels" song is a massive hit... GO FIGURE

Yes putting an illuminati sign in my music would make me hit big not because of the evil, but because of all the gullible people who download my music and watch my videos and tell their friends about me because they think i'm part of the illuminati.

The illuminati and all the videos and shi.t about triangles and all that nonsense are all one big pile of cow poo.

Well, no matter what i say in this post, it turns out some people would still be as hard headed as the juggernaut on this issue even though the devil says it himself.

Answer this simple question, sleep on it if you wish:
If you were a cloth designer and for a long time nobody buys your clothes, but one day, someone comes up and sees a shirt designed with a bunch of circles and likes it. Later on, several other people come to ask for the same shirt.... Now the question is, would you design more of that shirt or would you stop making it because you think it's evil? DUH

You know why celebrities throw triangles around like there's no tomorrow? It's because you people eat that s**t up like it's christmas lunch.
I swear, if i was a celeb, i'd live in a triangular house, wear triangular shoes, my clothes would be full of triangles and i'd have a big tatoo of one eye printed on my back so that you people can talk about me and generate me a steady cash flow.

You think that thing about girls taking pictures of Davido (nigerian artiste) while he's asleep was an actual occurrence? No. It was MADE UP. Every one wants to be in the headlines. Every one wants to be talked about....

2Face (nigerian artiste) once said: "If nobody talks about you, then you are nobody, whether na true them talk or na lie"...

Denrele once said: "Good publicity is good publicity. Bad publicity is actually good publicity. But NO publicity at all is bad publicity."

Chris Head Mod.
This is good stuff, i'd like you all to get on this.
it's really gud
There are people called by that name, but the group is demonic.
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They are a group that offers fame and wealth to its members.

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