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Wondaful, its really amazing .
Hey! YOU There...Lets be friends!
9ice 1 nd a gud write up
@Mr A, this is educative and informative; thank you sir for the work done.
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Who has ever tried to apply this?MR.A dat is very lng proceedure nd i like it
s3xy mama*2
nice nd gud talk
I knw i wil always remain beautiful if i do al dis............100%beautiful
Dis Gr8t
that was awesome what a gud write up
kol drake
great1 well don
wow tanks 4 dat lesson it luk so gud tink i wld try it.
it is wonuderful nd hw did u knw abt it?
it makes sense
Mr A:
Hi everyone, Mr. A here. Last night i had a dream that i was stranded for days in a desert without food or water. While crawling through the endless span of thick, hot sand, i found a man laying almost lifeless on the sand. I couldnt tell if he was old or young because of the mass of wrinkles on his skin and face; obviously caused by dehydration, but what really got to me was the sizzle noises the 60 degrees sun was causing this guy's skin to make...
Anyways, that dream inspired lesson two...


1. Water Water Water
Everybody knows it but its worth remembering.
No expensive face cream can make up for not drinking enough water.
Water flushes toxins from the body, carries nutrients to the cells and keeps the skin hydrated.
Drinking a lot of it will make your eyes brighter, your face slimmer and your skin clearer. (You dont want to look like the sand man do you?)
If you dont like the taste, pop in a slice of lemon or cucumber.

2. Give Yourself A Facelift
There are about 50 muscles in your face which you can manipulate to make you look radiant.
To firm your forehead, place your index fingers just above your eyes and pull down your eyes while raising your eyebrows. Repeat this exercise ten times.
For succulent lips, suck on your finger as hard as possible and slowly remove it.
For brighter eyes, sit with your eyes closed and relaxed. Keeping them shut, lift your eyebrows and stretch your eyelids down as far as possible. Keep in this position for a count of ten, relax and repeat ten times.
Warning: Do not do this in public... you know why. ;)

3. 'Wow' Your Friends
In some birthday parties and events i have been to, i have noticed that some people pose for cameras as though they are facing a firing squad. This is bad.
Never have an ugly photo taken ever again with this little camera-trick:

a. In full-body photos, pose with one leg in front of the other and with your body turned at an angle, rather than straight-on (Don't just stand and stare into the lens like all those crime suspects).
b. Make sure the photographer snaps you from slightly above the head and never under (you can try this yourself with your phone, take two photos of your face; one from slightly above your face and the other one from slightly under your face. Now which one of them looks prettier?).
c. Always look straight above the lens instead of directly into it, for sultry results.
In future, i will be making a Ten For Ten series on How To Make Photographs

Coming soon... Lesson Three
Really nice

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