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Mr Paul
Learn the most important lesson from the below song, which was sung by a group of vocalists:- "Shattered dream, shattered dream, nothing l planned has turned out right; shattered dream, shattered dream, MY(A) LIFE WITHOUT CHRIST IS A SHATTERED DREAM". The song writer continued, "l have decided to leave my home and family....." The most important STATEMENT to note in the whole song is, "A LIFE WITHOUT CHRIST IS A SHATTERED DREAM" HAVE YOU GIVEN YOUR LIFE TO JESUS?

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Chris Head Mod.
Sounds interesting, who's the artist?
Why not give a brief info on the writer. We could probably learn alot from him/her.
 Indeed sounds interesting. Is the writer a gospel musician?
The Writer is a gospel singer. This song was written by 'Mary McKee and the Genesis' choral group. This inspirational Choral group has been blessing to millions since 1978. Other popular compositions/rendations by 'Mary Mckee And The Genesis' Are:- (1)By The Rivers Of Babylon (2)Bring Back The Springtime-2001. (3)More Hymns Of Faith-1983. (4)Bigger Than Any Mountain-1983. (5)We Are Together Again-1981. (6)In Nashville-1980. (7)A Greater Love-1978. (8)The One You Follow-1978.  The Music Style Of Mary Mckee And The Genesis Is Country(a musical pattern that resembles that of Reggae style). Contact( United Kingdom). The song 'SHATTERED DREAM' is an inpirational song which l enjoy so much, in fact l played it with a choral group(Ekiti State Some years ago, of which l was the leader). Its a song of deep spiritual truth, which has blessed millions in our generation; A LIFE WITHOUT CHRIST IS A SHATTERED DREAM.
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A life without Christ is a shattered dream: a life without Christ is a house without foundation.
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Thanks for the info Sam.
how can i give my life 2 christ, please?
EDEMID, first of all, U must confess ur sins to God, ask Him for forgiveness and 4 His grace to sin no more.
 Please, say the below with total trust in Him:

  Lord God almighty, i believe You sent Your SON Jesus Christ to die for mysake. Father You are the Merciful Father, forgive me of all the sins i have commited both knowingly & unknowingly. Have mercy on me and make me a light to thy people. Help me to live a life that pleases you. In JESUS NAME, AMEN.

Praise God. U'r now A Child of God.
@EDEMID, after taking the above decision as biblically stipulated by Marvisdby, you can follow God and do His will by His Grace; you need His Grace everyday for victorious christian life; pray for this grace always and be watchful (Matthew. 24:42;25:13), because the world is full of temptation to make us fall. To cap it all, be a friend of the bible; read it, meditate on it, digest it and obey its totality; the bible is our guide- (Joshua. 1:8 ).
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Then locate a bible-believing church to be fellowshiping with or make sure that the one you are in is a bible-believing church- Hebrews. 10:25.
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Let us revew this:
Have you sat down in just a day and rewind the tape of your life?
Do you know you can die any time?
Dont you know you need the following three things to make it:
The Love Of Jesus
The Blood Of Jesus
The Grace Of Jesus?
Remember the summary of the above in a song titled:
1. In tenderness He sought me;
weary and sick with sin....."
Go and look closely to the lyrics of the song in the book titled "Send More Labourers"- Number 131.
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