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is a spouse xpected to hide any secret 4rum his/her partner?

Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
Spouses should not hide any secret from each other; if they do,their love for each other is not genuine; there's need for openess in relationship; this is the sign of true love.
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Chris Head Mod.
Yes. No secrets. No hidden skeletons. It helps greatly if a couple knows each others flaws.
It has also been proved that any body that hides secrets from his/her spouse dont always have peace of mind; its like doing him/herself harm unknowingly.
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wat if the wife earn more money dan de man and the man is fully aware of it shuold he tel his wife de amount he earns?
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
Anastercia, no secrets, even in finances.
Hidden secrets will only produce Open disgrace. No matter ur secret good, godly or evil, it must nt be far from ur spouse cos when he/she later finds out, u'll be regarded as a deceiver & some1 dat cnt be trusted as a result may cause seperation btw them.
Whenever someone discovers any hidden secret of his/her spouse from another source, it make d person loose confidence in such spouse and can never trust him/her again; in some cases, it causes separation; so there should not be any hidden secrets between spouses.
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We shud not hide any thing in d secret orelse d unhappenable will happen
s3xy mama*2
Keeping secrets from one's spouse creates a lot of problems and can result in death, depending on the matter involved.
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