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To all users who are Christians, I urge ye all to understand that  we are one family, no segregation, lets come together and share our faith with one another.                                              They say: ''No knowledge is wasted'' and KNOWLEDGE they say, is POWER.                                                       ''The only FREEDOM that man can EVER have is to become a SLAVE of Jesus Christ''.-RC Sproul

Because God has made us for himself, our hearts are restless until we rest in Him!.
We're parts of the body of CHRIST and the only path to real unity & oneness is the path of genuine love=agape love= christ-like love; the church(the body of Christ) realy needs to go back to basics and re-order her steps back to pure love of the brethren.
May God re-unite us in love.
We can read =>1Corinthians. 13:1-13.=> for characteristics of geniune love.
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What is greater than love? Love is the greatest of all. According to our Lord Jesus Christ he said: if anyone hate his brother he is a muderer and no muderes shall go to heaven. Let love be a symbol of our unity and happiness, the secreat of peace is love and that is the problem we are facing in this world. Without love there is no peace, without love there is no unity, without love there is no freedom, without love there is no happiness. Let love regin in our blood and vein as one big body of Christ, as we all live as one big family. May the peace and love of christ be with the world in the name of the father and of the son and of the holyspirit .AMEN.
Amen! Because God has made us for Himself, our hearts will not find rest until we rest in Him. 
Let Love be without dissimulation.
Let Brotherly Love reign in our hearts.
Love makes it difficult to hurt a fellow man and religion without love is a waste of time.
 We can't make heaven without love.
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 His love and mercy is upon my life, for he has grants and fufill my heart desires. All Glory be unto him and i thank him from my heart and promise to fufill my promise.
Love is considerate in all things: love is easily provoked: love is the gateway to peace and love is trully pure.
Love will not hurt and will not kill: love has human feelings, saying, "if l'm the one in his position, how will l feel"?
Love is all we need for achieving our of unity and oneness in the society.
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