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Tips for dating online for the first time
Searching for appointments online has stopped being taboo. You dare? Then take note of these tips.
Searching for appointments online has stopped being taboo. You dare? Then take note of these tips.
Admitting that you are looking for a partner on the Internet is not embarrassing. And not only is it not shameful, but more and more people do it. Today, 72 percent of Colombians believe that finding a partner online is valid and normal.
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Did you always want to do it but didn't you dare? Alex Duquette of Elite Daily offers these seven tips for all the primiparas in the world of online dating.
1. Be honest
Your profile should be a reflection of who you are, not who you think you should be. Appearing that you like something or that your personality is a certain way, when it is not true, can be counterproductive if you are looking for compatibility with someone.
If you invent that you love football you will have to put up with the guy talking about the matter for hours, so it is better to opt for sincerity.
This also goes for the photos: use a recent image that reflects how you really are.
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2. Don't give him the story of your life before meeting him
OK: after seeing thousands of profiles you finally find one that you find interesting and begin to communicate. What are you talking about? Do not send him a treatise on your life, your fears and your passions, because the mystery can be lost. What is better to talk about then? Express interest in your profile and in the things you like or have in common.
The same goes with your personal data: do not reveal where you live, or the address of your work. Always meet him for the first time in a public place.
If all goes well, the story of your life can be told later.
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3. If you are not sure if you like it or not, it is best to move on
If you are not sure if you like it at first, it is difficult for you to change your mind later. So if you are undecided about what you feel, you better move on. Surely you will find someone to attract you from the first moment.
4. Men do not always have to take the initiative
If you feel sorry to send that initial message, very surely that man that interests you too. So if someone really appeals to you, don't be afraid to take the first step. Most likely, he feels relieved, and if he didn't like you being so direct, go to point 6.
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5. Try not to give your phone number before meeting him in person
Exchanging phones from the beginning can be problematic, because if the appointment does not work, then you will have to see their messages or calls on your cell phone.
6. Do not fear rejection
So an Internet stranger rejected you, what does it matter? There are many virtual fish in the sea, so don't give up and move on.
No matter how many failed appointments you have had or how many messages you have sent, the important thing is that there will always be more options.
7. Have fun
Online dating should be entertaining and a good opportunity to meet new people. Even bad experiences will leave you with good lessons, and some anecdotes to remember when you see your friends. So lose your fear and throw yourself.
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