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<I>The storm of life has been throwing me tro and fro. My eye is full of tears but refuses to drop. My hearth thinks everyday but none of them is coming to fufilment.       <II> Who knows when this crisis is going to stop and where it is taking us to, whether to the good side of life or to the bad side of life.Sometimes i wonder if God is still existing on this earth.                        <III> I am tired of this world, i feel like killing myself but still taking my life is still not the best soluction to the problem facing Nigeria.                                            <IV> Before i said that my eye is full of tears but now i have cried and cried, all the tears in my eyes has dried up.It seems like the world have come to an end but many people are still living and happy in it.                                   <V> It seems that tomorrow will not come but many has come and many has passed away through this crisis.It seems that the lord has turned deaf on his people and his hands has become shorter to fight for his people.                                                 <VI> Even the heaven has pleaded for Nigeria but still no mercy has come upon my Motherland.It seems all the doors of this world has shut against my Country.                            <VII> When will all this killing and bombing come to an end, all the people ask one another because it seems that the earth has become hell and hell turned to earth.                                <VIII> No one can tell what is going on and no one can understand what is hapening in this Country.It seems we are carring the cross others are supposed to carry.                                 <IX> The east has turned to west and the west has become the north and the north formed into south, while the south become the east.                           <X> May God save and bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Goodluck Nigeria, Goodluck Africa.                [This poem is dedicated to all victims involved in the bomb blast and especially to the victims at Abuja bomb blast and to the abducted 300 school girls at Borno]

Amen, wow. Austine, keep it up.
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact
I thank God for the inspiration.
O' God! hear our cry!!!!!
Nice one Austine.   
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I don't tell you to create jalingo Account i only tell you to use a link at the middle of jalingo page.
I took the problem facing Nigeria as a personal matter to me because it all have to do with all Nigerians and that was why i was able to think and ask God for the inspiration, to write this poem for my country and Africa. I know this poem will reach far one day and it will be use to remember the mystery and agony of Nigeria.
We thank God for giving you the inspiration to make a write up like this.
More grease to your elbow Austine & God will continue to give you inspiration.
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact
Amen and thank you all for your support, encouragement, love and loyalty because without this site and you all i wont be able to show what i have in me. I promise to do my best because my best is yet to come i promise. Precisely i cant do it alone so join me to ask God for the grace and more inspiration and together we shall make a name, not only for this site but for the world to see.
Yea, Austine. Together, we can make a change.
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact

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