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I was talking wit a lady and she told me dat her guy dnt love her bt loves her body instead. Now lets b honest. As a lady wat is d different btw u nd ur body?

I'm not a lady but if am 2 contribute i'll say there is not much diff. Just that ''u are d u in u" 
But ur body is the physical u
its an act of callow & callousness. save getting laid for marriage
Eventhough s3x is not number one thing in relationship, but to be candid, a guy cannot love you without loving your body. l knew d first love of my life for up to 4years and we had intimate relationship for up to 3months; everything together 4years and 3month before we had s3x, and l have not have s3x with any other girl since then. I'm Saying that s3x is not number one thing in relationship, let get it right, but the guy must love your body if he realy loves you.
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The truth is dat no guy can luv a girl without luving her body. Love even in marriage is nt just luving faces but body. Any guy who frnds a girl has a goal he is determined to achieve-''one day i must lie with this beauty of nature''.
But know that if she is not your wife, then you'v commited adultery in your heart. And having s3x with someone who is not your wife is a sin as it is pre-marital intimacy.
 What am i saying here, we are to control our urge for s3x both inner(heart) and outer(body) else we commit sin.
Chris Head Mod.
@Blessing, are you saying that everyone should remain virgins until they get married? and that teen love should not exist?
s3x is not number one thing in relationship; it is more honourable to remain as virgin till marriage. Let us now talk about the Bible, s3x before marriage is called the sin of pre-marital intimacy.
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It's true a guy must luv u nd luv ur body;-)
s3xy mama*2
there is no way a guy will lve u without loving ur body,coz dat's d beauty of a lady...,...,...
any guy dat loves a girls body and not her personality is not worth her nd d babe should just dump such a guy
Its not right, cos he'll lay as many women he loves thier body
@EDEMID, one thing is that if a guy trully loves you, he must love your body as well; in fact there will be urge in him to have s3x with you; but to follow God's plan for man, he must control the urge for s3x until after marriage; that is the reason why is not advisable to move too close to a lady you have not married; the closer you are to each other, the stronger the urge, especially in the boy to have s3x with you; Listen to this bitter truth- IF YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND (ESP., 25YRS AND ABOVE, WHEN THE BODY IS REACHING THE PEAK) AND YOU DO MEET IN THE ROOM ALONE FROM TIME TO TIME, AND HE NEVER MAKES ANY ADVANCE TO YOU FOR s3x: ITS BECAUSE, HE IS EITHER IMPOTENT OR HE DOESNT TRULLY LOVE YOU(HE HAS ANOTHER LOVE SOMEWHERE). What l have just stated above may seem strange to some; saying but l'm a man of God; l'm telling you reality of life. The only solution to pre-marital s3x is Genuine Salvation, Prayer and Carefulness.
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Der z no point 4 d guy lovin d grl witout her body
Hello Marvisdby thanks very much that's exactly wat i wanted posting, u are right.
U er right my dear, thanks for knowing that.
he must lv ur and u
As 4 me..i do disagree wit..luvin d body..wat if u do see some1 whose body is more s3xier dan ur girl body
@Temi i disagree wit dat..some guyz do fall in luv wit ladies not 4 thier s3xy body but 4 who they are
If a guy dnt luv a lady body dat means he dnt luv the lady particularly.
If He Luvs U & Ur Body,dat Does Nt Mean Dat He Should Ask U 4 s3x.
well to me no guy will love you without loving your body
Is dat true?

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