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Armed robbers came into a couples house.
After robbing them, they handed over a pistol
to the husband to shoot and kill his wife or
they will shoot him dead.
The husband started pleading for mercy that
he could not shoot his wife because he loved
her so much.
 The robbers gave him very hot
slap, took the gun from him and gave it to the
wife to shoot the husband or she will be shoot
by the thieves..
The wife without any hesitation shot straight
at the husband but there was no bullet in the
The robbers started laughing and left.
 Now, what would you do if you were the man?
Be sincere please.

The woman had made her intentions clear!
This is really hard to decide,hmmm what I'll do,I'll kill the wife if i already knew she hates me and would kill me if she was holding the gun.
After being dead I'l pray for forgiveness which is not easy
but if she loves me I'l rather die for her but i wouldn't want to shoot i'd rather die
If you had pulled the trigger, that woman would have claimed her innocence and you a valiant coz there was no bullet!
If nothing came out and the wife spoke to me of pulling the trigger then I have no choice than to apologize to her by all means
Apologise? How would you apologise to someone you almost shot dead?
Ah,it's tough but that's the only chance i've got
The man did the right thing, he loved his wife, though he never knew that the woman had since been wishing him death!
For real Spottykay, dont raise your hands to kill any human being, because he/she does wrong.
How will you say you will ask for forguveness after you have intentionally killed human being?
My advice to whomsoever such happened to (it will never happen to us in Jesus' Name !), is that he should be careful of the wife henceforth or if possible to divide garrium.
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Yes You'right Mr Paul
Paul, that woman will never be my wife again! I cannot keep up the pretence.
It's true and better to run away from such wife because humans like that can't be trusted and it may happen the 2nd time
May you not marry such in Jesus name!
Amen too.
Still the sameee

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