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Some people can do anything to get their desired success...if ur parent betrays u to get their desired success. wil u forgive them ? or what wil u do ?

although its hard i just av to forgive dem and continue wit tins
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
I'll forgive dem of course wat else do u tink i'll do
Hmmmm!! forgive-easier said than done.
dats true but u av no oda choise dey ar stil ur parent aren't they?!
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
Stil ur parent...but they betrayed u...ouch!!
do u knw how many times u urself has betrayed de trust care & love of ur parent?!
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
Betraying trust love and care is quit different...they betrayed u for success. ouch!
Forgiving dem may be hard 2 do, but u gotta do that,since bearing it in ur heart may hurt u d more.
I will still forgive dem;-)
s3xy mama*2
As a gud child and a true child of GOD, u must 4give though it may not be easy, and may not be easy to 4get, u have no other choice. remember ''if u dnt 4give ur neighbour, ur heavenly father will not 4give u'', note: u reap what u sow.
Spottykay Publisher
I will forgive them if it is that they have been taking care of me i will forgive them.
Yes! If it will be my last day i will
I will cos they are still ma parent
One can never av 2 parent,so forgiveness is sure
Of course i will considering d fact dat after God,dey are next.
u've al said ur mind which is de truth FORGIVENESS IS THE KEY
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
i think 4giveness wil be d best way.
One thing i know is that nobody can be like my parent so i will forgive them
although its hard i just av to forgive dem and continue wit tins
Of course i'll forgive dem,parents ar still parents & will ever change that,it's a universal truth(is'nt it?)
I will 4give them.WHY?They brought me into this world.Without them i don't know where i could have been now.
I wil 4gv dem a million X's cos  no 1 can push u 2 ur limit & get away with it except  ur loved one's.
my life-my business,U gossip - Ur headache, I flex - U vex, U beef-Ur problem, I Achieve -U provoke.
I wil 4gv dem a million X's cos  no 1
I wil 4give dem evn though times re hard bcos dey re stil my parents
s3xy mama*2
i will 4giv them $ 4et
I will, neva u keep ur parents in mind 4  evil, cuz u will need dem sumday if nt everyday of ur life.
definitely i wil,cus dey re my parents nd my evrytin,nd rememba God 4gv our sins so who am i nt 2 4gv my own parents..
i wil defintly 4give dem.if nt 4 dem were wil u b by nw
i will forgive and forget but how do parent betray

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