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Can you beat the highest score on the Chicken Shoot Game?

Am 32yrs old n i need a serious girl between age 25 to 28

Mr A
Mr A Admin
Have you tried speaking to someone in the real world? oh Where is Chris nowadays, he can help, send him a pm.

Anyway, i'm taking this to the High Table for you. Goodluck!
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i too need a wife
Its seems to me lik u really need a partner. I tink i av an idea@dere ar many girls out dere seekin 4 a man wus also lookin 4 a husband even where u liv,dey are are dere.Try study deir bhaviour,ur futur wif culd b livin in xam compond wit u
pray to God he will direct ur step n teach u hw to take a step?
God will provide.
GOD wil choose 4 u
their re many girls luking 4 husband, but al glitters are nt gold talk 2 God in prayer, ask God 2 provide for u. 
first pray 2 GOD nd he wil giv u ur own wife
Am 32yrs old n i need a serious girl between age 25 to 28
And who told u there are wives here on easynaija? c just check well den dey around u dia.
is funny u should say that but if that be the case then maybe u should tel any lady that needs a husband abt it .
my life-my business,U gossip - Ur headache, I flex - U vex, U beef-Ur problem, I Achieve -U provoke.
God will bring you your divine wife
didi210 has concluded the whole matter; eventhough you are going to play your own role as a man, but God is the best Match-Maker.
Read Genesis 24:12 and you will see how the servant of Abraham prayed there before he met Rebekah.
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hahaha every one is looking for wife but let me just tell you,know the kind of wife you will get

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