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Making Hair Grow: A Healthy Body Means
Healthy Hair:
On average, human hair grows at a rate of
half-an-inch per month. The basic guidelines
for living a healthy life are the same
guidelines for making hair grow faster and
1. Eat a healthy diet. Minimize fat and sugar
intake and increase protein.
2. Get plenty of rest.
3. Cut back on smoking, caffeine and sodas.
4. Exercise frequently.
Additional tips:
1. Take supplements known to boost hair
growth: Vitamins B, C, E, Beta Carotene,
2. Avoid heat styling.
3. Try hot oil treatments on your scalp.
The long and the short of it from
WikiAnswers contributors:
Just make sure you condition your scalp,
massage it for circulation, follow a high-
protein Vitamin E and Vitamin D diet, get a
dead-end trim, and brush your hair starting
at the bottom to prevent breakage. Also, if
you hold your head upside-down for about
20-30 seconds a day, it promotes hair growth
by awakening your hair follicles. I hate the
thought of waiting for it to grow, but don't
stress! In a few months you'll look in the
mirror and say to yourself, "Wow, it is
Increase blood flow by gently massaging the
scalp. Eat plenty of leafy green vegetables
and plenty of protein. Soy (i.e., tofu) and a
variety of beans are a good source of protein.
Drink plenty of water. Stay away from drugs
and alcohol. Stick to a healthy diet. This
regimen should be followed for several
months, as hair only grows about a half-inch
per month.
Do not brush hair when it is wet; this causes
breakage. Use a wide tooth comb. If hair has
been damaged (perm or coloring), use a good
conditioner. You can blow dry your hair but
make sure to use a heat protection product.
Mane-N-Tail shampoo is used to make hair
grow faster.
I have been taking Prenatal for about 6
months now (I'm not pregnant). My
hairstylist recommended it, and i have
noticed my hair has grown about twice as
fast than it normally does. Usually my hair
takes about 4 months just to grow an inch,
but after taking this my hair grew 2 inches
in only 3 months. I personally would
recommend it. Also, buy a good straightener
if you want it to stay healthy. I would
recommend the CHI Iron - it's wonderful.
Wash it every week and don't put too many
chemicals in your hair. Wrap it every night
and put a silk scarf on it - regular scarves
can pull out your hair, but not silky scarves.
Unlike the previous answer, I recommend
that you wash and condition it at least once a
day. Don't use cheap conditioner. Take
niacin or other vitamins to maximize the
growth potential. It is good to get a trim
every 6-8 weeks to cut off the dead ends. It
will help it grow faster.
Washing hair every day does not help it to
grow faster. ONLY eating a healthy diet and
drinking plenty of water with the addition of
a multivitamin will help. Also, exercising
increases blood flow in the body therefore
will increase blood flow to the scalp as well.
Multivitamins from a nutrition store are the
best because of the potency.
The best advice I can give you is proper
nutrition. Eat food rich in protein (like eggs)
and as much fruits and vegetables as you
I suggest you buy a high-quality hair-growth
product that is all-natural. Find a hair-growth
product that contains hair-growth stimulating
essential oils such as rosemary and sage,
natural herbs, and vitamin-rich nutrients
your hair needs to grow. Extracts are not as
powerful as essential oils. Also, look at every
product's ingredients. Most products
available in drugstores and retail stores
contain phosphates, sodium lauryl sulfate,
petroleum, mineral oil, and other lab-created
humectants that damage your hair. Also, stay
away from hormone- or chemical-based hair-
growth stimulants if at all possible. These
will all damage your hair.
Remember to eat a lot of protein, especially
fish, for essential fatty acids. If you are a
vegetarian, eat lots of legumes and beans.
Drink 8-10 glasses of water and take B
First try using Garnier Frutis long and strong
shampoo. Then massage your scalp on a daily
basis. Braid your hair before you go to bed.
First, you need to trim split ends! Then buy
ORGANIC SHAMPOOS. If you don't trim the
split ends, it will just curl up and make it
look shorter and unhealthy. Organic
shampoos are better than the regular ones as
they don't have that many chemicals. Use
olive oil for shine. Try vegan/vegetarian
foods. Drink lots of water.
Stress also thins your hair and does not help
the growth of it.
You can also use the Doctor Miracal's hair
treatment; it works really well.
Everyone's hair grows at different rates. The
only way it will grow at its best is to look
after it: cut off split ends, wash it when it
needs to be washed, and protect it when you
are applying heat to it.
It's good to get a trim if you want your hair
longer, but it won't make it grow faster: Hair
grows from the root, not the ends. Your hair
will look better longer if you trim all the
dead ends.
I suggest that you eat a healthy diet, and take
a multivitamin once a day. Also, try not to
wash your hair every day; shampoo strips
your hair of its natural oils that protect it.
Avoid heat styling; if you must dry your hair,
dry it on cold. Exercise is good because it
increases the blood flow in the scalp.
Another trick is to hold your head upside-
down for 20-30 seconds a day. Every 6 weeks,
put a mask of some type in your hair. If you
can't afford a mask, then beat an egg and let
it sit in your hair for about 30 minutes - your
hair is nothing but protein, so the egg will
help it a lot! Rinse it out with a light
shampoo in cold water. Trim your dead ends
every 6-8 weeks. Brush with a wide-toothed
comb, and make sure not to brush it when
it's wet. Also, RELAX - stress (or any
emotional turmoil) will retard hair growth.
Get as much sleep as you can, because that's
when your hair grows the most.
Drink water ALL the time - do not drink soda
pop of any kind; merely wash it and brush it,
and then leave it; leave it down - tying it up
forces your hair to stay in place; and don't
forget to get plenty of rest!
I agree with the previous user. In addition, I
have also had success using MTG and Max
Gro products. I researched the product, and
found that many other people had results.
You Tube provides great before and after
pictures. Many people received at least an
inch of growth in a month


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