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A 12-year-old boy, Samson Egunje, has been
accused of killing his friend, Samuel Igbekele
(pictured above), in the Ikotun area of Lagos
The incident happened on Saturday on
Omoboriowo Street.
Residents said the suspect, a primary six pupil,
had been looking for the victim all day, saying
he abused him in the morning and threatening
that he would stab him in revenge.
Egunje was said to have stabbed Samuel with a
bottle in the neck that evening while he
(Samuel), a primary three pupil, ran errand for a
After the attack, the victim reportedly held his
neck as he ran across the road in a frantic effort
to get to his parents’ house which was a few
kilometres away.
Samuel, after taking some feeble steps, was said
to have collapsed.
A resident, Ibrahim Sulaiman, said he saw him
on the floor in a pool of blood that night.

Chris Head Mod.
You said "pictured above", where is the PICTURE now? I hope you know that copy and paste will get u banned?. See how untidy the post looks sef.
Chris..the fact is dat dis site don't use JPG nd I dnt knw y. Mind ur words
Chris Head Mod.
Sir I've been instructed to delete copied posts that don't have a source link. There is an upload box when writing a post and it supports jpg and other image types, so I don't know what u're talking about.
 Threatening the Head Moderator is treason! You should know this by now.
Heart-touching and breaking !
A small boy can do that?
lmagine how terrible that home would be, where the boy comes from.
Wickedness in the highest order and he would be ready to spend the rest of his life in jail.
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He will only need time in jail to understand the.magnitude of his crime.
But I imagine how wicked the heart of man is.
How can a small boy do that!
l imagine, the life of his parents' would be a terrible one.
We have great work to do on our children, so they can give us rest in the future.
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Pray to God to give you the strength to train up your child, Thanks to mine for bringing me up in the way of the Lord.
That has been my prayer.
May God help me.
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And also you start to pray on it now.
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I'll always remember you in my prayers.
Thanks for that promise.
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That's one of the many things am willing to do for a friend.

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