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Why is it dat mostly,it is d women dat take responsibilities of d house?

Of course it is her responsibility as the wife of the home. You don't expect that to be done by the man as its his own duty to go work, come home and feed family.
@marvis can't u help ur wife wit some house chores
Cos it is her responsiblity.
All my enemy will dance skelewu 2 hell.
@marvis can't u help ur wife wit some house chores
Oh yes i can dear. Thanks for asking.
Bcos she is a woman nd d husband is d head of d home. D woman always has 2 stay with d childrn all d time
s3xy mama*2
Fathers responsibilities is quite different 4rom mothers.
I,Dlaw is saying that everyone have his resposibilities.They differ 4rom person 2 person
@Debby2630 & Dlaw, its true that women are house-keeper and sole children breeder, but men still have some responsibilities at home; a man must not leave all the house chores to his wife alone, or else, he can kill the wife with too much of work. lf its the olden days when women stayed at home and husbands went out for work, then women alone took care of the house without any problem; but in kind of Nigeria especially, where everybody goes to work including women to earn money, you cant leave all home chores to your wife alone.
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