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Mr A
In the fifth lesson of the Better Life series, we will look a a few tips in achievement and to-do lists.

LESSON FIVE: Achieve More Goals

Let's face it, you waste over half of your time everyday doing completely unnecessary things. You come across an article about a celebrity on some random blog and you spend over 15 minutes reading, leaving a comment and then browse through the other eye catching articles which the writer had set up as bait. Will reading that article change your life for the better? Unless you are some on-air personality or an entertainment blogger, I suppose your answer would be no. Little fact - "Even if you spent your entire lifetime reading gossip articles on the internet, you would never be able to read all of them." Also, "it would take every single person 1,700 years to watch every single video on Youtube". That's almost 20 lifetimes.

If you had a to-do list, would you include 'read an irrelevant gossip article' on your list? Again, no would be a wise answer.

Now let us break this down into two little tips.

Every morning when you wake, quickly sketch a simple to-do list. This should be a list of vital things you plan to achieve that day alone.
Also, keep a list of long term projects (such as that certification you plan to pursue) and divide them into doable tasks. The next time you have a moment free and find yourself so bored that you're perusing the baby shower pictures of someone you barely know on Facebook, consult your project list and do one or two tasks at a time.

There was a time not long ago when job titles consisted of teacher, doctor, or postman. These days you can make money through blogging, being a stylist or by doing nothing (thanks to reality TV).
Streamline your career options by finding and questioning a career role-model. Think of someone whose work you really admire and ask them how they got to where they are.

Coming soon... Lesson six

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Spottykay Publisher
thanks it was helpful i also do the same thing but i use things i can forget on my to do list but when i add these important things it changed
A well-stated lesson; l've grabbed something tangible.
Thank you Mr A.
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