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Mr A
Hi guys. Welcome to the fourth lesson on the 'Better Life' series. If this is your first time reading this, please use the search box to find lessons 1, 2 and 3.

LESSON FOUR: Life Is Short, Have More Fun

Once in a while, consciously try to see the world through a child's eye. The next time you take off in an airplane or sit at the front of a BRT or double-decker bus or visit a new city, imagine that it is for the first time and that you are five years old.
Remove all preconceptions and enjoy the moment with a sense of wonder and adventure.

Be silly and take advantage of automatic doors such as in a lift or an elevator. Welcome people as they get on, look to them and say "this is fun", or embarrass your graduate friend in public by asking him if he has seen his jamb result.

Do you find yourself reading a boring report? studying for a biology exam? or reading a boring textbook?
Then inject a little schoolboy humour in to proceedings. While reading silently, replace every fifth noun with a rude or random noun or replace every other adjective with a rude adjective. Sounds good? Now get back to work and study for your ****ing biology exam.

Coming soon... Lesson Five

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mr A pls i want to sit for 2015 waec gece and pls can u giv me expo;(
Mr A
Mr A Admin
mr A pls i want to sit for 2015 waec gece and pls can u giv me expo;(
Sorry, I do not.
And if someone offers you any, it is fake.
Read your notes and study past questions, and if you come accross questions you do not understand, post them in the education section and we will help you out.
Good luck.
Follow @JalingoHQ on twitter.
Spottykay Publisher
it's true a boy always use his money to eat good food when he knows that there is money at that moment because he knows the money can be exhausted at any time so he rather enjoy what his body wants
@Spottykay, but you must be careful of what you eat: you dont eat anything anyhow because there is money at the moment.
Having fun is good and relaxes the body, but caution must be taken to avoid chaos both in your system and in the physical world.
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Spottykay Publisher
thou i'm not the one doing that you know as they said life is short why dont you enjoy your life before the life ends lolz nothing
Life is short inded, but if care is not taken, someone can make it shorter for him/herself.
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