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Be Unpredictable To Live Long by  Chris:
December 12, 2016, 07:45:58 AM
First, let me startby saying 'happy Eid-Maulud to everyone'.

Now, unto the main post.
Vigilance Tip - You have to be unpredictable if you want to live long.

Please Don't Mind The "Hilarious" Slant -‎

They killed him at 7pm at Ebute Metta Lagos. He was somewhat predictable. They knew he will always remove all the magical charms on his body whenever he is praying 'Maghreb' at 7pm ...

Prof. Peller paid the price for being too predictable! 

... Early morning tea was his favourite. He loved tea like he loves his women. All they needed to do was do the tea and give him to sip, that's all ...

 Abiola paid the ultimate price for being too predictable! 

... Apple was his favourite! 

Just like Asian virgins, the virgins came, most beautiful virgins in the world.  The General saw flawless virgins and forgot military intelligence. He ate the apple and collapsed while sucking milky pointed robust boobs! 

Sani Abacha the Man! 

Beloved, being predictable is very 'professional' but it often leads to nasty regrets! 

Apply military intelligence to your common sense to survive. 

If you have been taking a route to work, change it sometimes, if you always arrive by 9, you are dead mate, change it, do not let people know that.

"E go soon drive pass, na here e dey take everyday!!"

 You are a goner!!! Be a bit unpredictable to live long!! It's well o!! 

May God make this period profitable and joyous to us in all fronts. May He make His divine protection work for us everyday.  ‎

As the Lord showed mercy on the woman with infirmity in LK:13,13 and straightened her out, so shall He have mercy on you and put straight whatever is not right with you in Jesus' name. ‎

Happy Eid-Maulud Holiday.

It shall be well with us. Amen!!!

God Rules!‎



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