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be serious please.

to be sincere, its job
to be sincere, its job
job and virgins
I think it's job
It's a job nd now it's not easy 2 find virgins bcos hv sold out their virginity 4 a job etc.
s3xy mama*2
i think is job too.
Debby 2630:
It's a job nd now it's easy 2 find virgins bcos hv sold out their virginity 4 a job etc.
i agree wit u
job nd virgins
Bt i tink itz money......
My dear na vigin o cos 99percent of our generational girls re corrupt nd don't beliv in keepin their viginity
virgins nd jobs
I think its money; because many jobs are all over the places, whether the ones with peanuts salaries at the end of the month: job is job. Virgins are many in our society, eventhough many girls have been disflowered, we still have many virgins, but one can confirm this through strategic sources; e.g with marriage counsellors.
Lastly, to get clean money(which is the lasting one) nowadays, you'll surely realise that the answer is money; even armed robbers have to toiled and labour before they get their accursed money; in fact, money rituals have to pass through rigors before they arrive at their result.
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I wanted to write "Money" as the answer and give some little detail about it, but SAM7 has made it since, so i agree with it because he wrote it concisely.
@Panchaz, you are welcome.
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Spottykay Publisher
it's GOD
Man O' Man! A hundred times you ask, and a hundred times I shall tell you it's virgins!
 Just take a look of the society we are leaving in.
Only one-hundredths of teenagers above the age of twelve are without boyfriends. These kids do terrible things which, Sam O' Sam I never could believe will ever happen.
  How do you then expect to find virgins then? Newly born babies of course yes, but that isn't enough.
  You cannot say it's difficult to find a job, I would agree with you if you had said good jobs. No job at all, then I say you just did not search either.
I want to say something until i saw Sir-phil's comment and made up my mind not to comment at all. You have said it all
But you should coz it isn't a glass that someone would be afraid it might get filled up.
@Sir-phil, its easy to get a virgin if you want to. I married my wife as a virgin and she was 28years old then(2008); can you imagine a 28yrs old lady keeping her virginity?
Her young sister also kept her virginity in the same way before she got married.
I also was a virgin when l married her and l was 31years old; in fact, we bought a book titled "Every Woman" to train ourselves on how to have s3x, because we didnt know how to do it and we are still faithful to each other till today; I was not even impotent then, but the fear of God and discipline kept both of us from defilment; we have children already now.
Family back grounds determine this.
You didnt talk about money at all; do you say it is easy to make money?
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We havent said its impossible. All we are saying is how difficult or rare it is to find them.
But I'm saying it is easy; not only possible; l can point out about five girls around me, whose private lives l know very well, who are virgins; remember l'm a marriage counsellor. lf l can point out five around me, how much more around many other people.
You didnt still talk about money.
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2 out of 10 is not a good number, agree?
I cannot say its a good number; but is that your finding or research?
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I am yet to make an meticulous research on that, but... I think it's something close to that.
Spottykay Publisher
I agree with sir phil its virgins not God

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