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As a woman, it is very studies 4 u 2 sit back cross-legged lukin 4 an Already made man..Incase u don't known, every already made man out there has a woman who has been wit him 4rm wen he has only a pair of short and a single shirt. Dat is why majority of well 2 do men, usually make some ladies nothing but a"s3x TOY"..because u mean absolutely nothing 2 them..he might cheat on her wit u, but d truth is, he can never leave her 4 u...if u are guilty of hunting 4 an already made man, then i tell u, my dear u are such a cow, u actually need horns

The man who is head over heels in luv wit u right now and u are takin him 4 granted....             He may not own a car...He may not earn alot of money..But its enough 2 know you are d only one he care and loves unconditionally.....if he has a heart like gold..he is humble...he keeps that smile on ur face..he tolerates u wen you're moody...he tell u ur beautiful always...he respect u...he appreciates d tinyest things u do...he is there wen u need him...he treat u like a dear u are lucky 2 av him....he may not have it all now, but one day he will..
@Bunmiest,my apreciatns 2 u, for dis candid advice u just delivered through dis forum.I xpect similar ones from u.
@ Bunmiest how did u get orientation. anyway its nice & best one 4 those young ladies that want 2 reap wat dey didnt sow
my life-my business,U gossip - Ur headache, I flex - U vex, U beef-Ur problem, I Achieve -U provoke.
dat's nice.
Clear And Candid Counsel.
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Good advice
This Gr8t & True
That was exorbitant!
First Impression last longer; your presentation at first when you meet your guy and your demand for money,  money, money.
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My friend always told me that, I am always keen on first impression.

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