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Today is my 40th brithday and am so happy, wit such happiness i went downstairs to see my wife and kids preparing for work and skul, my wife greeted in a rather annoying tone and my two kids echoed 'gudmorning dad' could it be they had forgotten it's my brithday? We ate breakfast in silent and i left for work. I was troubled even if they had just wished me happy brithday i wouldnt bother. Steping into d office my secretary jenny greeted, 'gud morning sir and happy brithday' being d nicest thing i've heard since morning i became relieved. Around mid day, jenny came into d office and said' sir it's been a hot day and since it's ur brithday lets go somewia and chill out' witout thinking twice i accepted. We left. We rather went to a quiet private place and we had lunch, on our way back jenny said again, 'sir cn u just drop by my house for a few minutes? Why wont i accept wen she had been nice since morning. At least we reached her house her offered again, 'sir mayb u cn cum in for a cup of coffee. I accepted. We entered her house and finally she said, i have alot of things enstalled for u, wait for me while i refreshen up, few minutes later, my wife, my kids, colleagues, friends and well wishers came out carrying a huge cake shouting happy brithday. And i sat down in d sofa NAKED!!!!! Who's fault was it?

The writer! She wasn't specific as to what she wanted to offer. Yet the writer wrongly assumed it was s3x
Mr A
Mr A Admin
You. She said "I have a lot of things for you, let me freshen up." Now this is where people put themselves into trouble. No matter how clear something may seem, NEVER ASSUME.
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Always be figilant
Chris Head Mod.
Well, like the admin said, never assume, you could regret it. Always think twice before doing anything.
Wow!!! dats funi
><(((: >
You are not at fault, it's just that your heart didn't lead you aright this time  cos I know you were just following your heart.
Though d writer did not indicate s*x was coming up,yet d story is worth of LESSONS.
Patiency is d key
D man has lack of patience
neva assume so quickly dont be fast to conclude...BE PATIENT
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
U are too these for only happy bday!
d writer does nt hv patience he shld hv waited tu knw wat jenny s up tu
Of course the 40year old man who cannot control himself is at fault, 'A fool at 40 is a fool forever!'
The lesson here is:
We should be at alert and have control over ourselves.
l had an experience sometime last year when l was working with a company; l returned home every weekend or more atimes, because the place of work is far from home(like two to three hours journey).
You know l had to sleep in the company at week days and one day as l was sleeping in a sitting room, which is part of the company's apartment, a girl came to sleep in the sitting room, being my regular place of sleep; l thought it was just normal and at night, only God saved me from having s3x with this girl; in fact, PHCN took light off at a time and everywhere was dark.
She tempted me a lot at night: stretching her legs on me and trying a lot of tricks to catch me, but l was smarter and l sat down, and started to pray.
To shorten the story, it was clear that the girl wanted me to sleep with her, but l was at alert.
What if the secretary in the story wanted to have s3x with him? He would have just fall for her like that; that is too fast.
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