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Many people refers problem as the devil handwork, while some people believes problems are been sent to them by their enemies. But let me tell you, ''A MAN WITHOUT A PROBLEM IS A PROBLEM TO THE EARTH.'' Problem is the short cut to blessing for no one can run away from its problem. It is a must that problem must come, challenge must come, trials must come and temptation must come. But those who believe and have faith in God will overcome them and not just overcoming them but will also be bless by their problems through God. No Man on earth that do not face a problem, that is why i said that ''A MAN WITHOUT A PROBLEM IS A PROBLEM TO THE EARTH. According to the holy bible, God says :Evil is not of the lord but any evil he alows are for a reason. That is to say that whatever problem, challenge or trials you found your self always have it in mind that God only allowed it because he had a reason for it. Dont be scared of problems, and dont be scared of challenge nor trial because the Lord is there to defend you from them. Remember challenge can lead to blessing ,problems can create blessings, trials can resurrect blessings. if you dont face them you may not get the blessings you want. Facing them should be accompained with faith, that you will conquer it, believing it will turn to be a blessing in your life. In every condition you found yourself thank God, for there is no problem that is bigger than him, neither is there anything difficult for him to do.   ''Let me tell you a story'' { A rich man was looking outside his window and he saw a poor man who was picking some food on the ground to eat because he was hungry, and the rich man said 'thank God i am not poor'. The poor man himself who was picking food on the ground to eat, saw a mad man on the street and the poor man said ' thank God i am not mad'. The mad man who was acting madness on the street saw an Ambluance passing with a dead body in it. and the mad man said to himself thank God i am not dead }   Those who have knowledge let him/her understand my story. In every problem or condition you found yourself always give thanks to God.

Dont be scared of any Problem ,for they are not bigger than GOD.

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