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A girl was disowned by her parents for refusing to marry her boy friend. She renounced to her boy friend parents two days before the marriage. Her parents looked into the matter and have discovered the reasons why the girl disowned her boy friend.
It is clear that her friends were the ones who adviced her not to marry him since he is not rich enough. They told her to marry her second boy friend because he has everything that is needed for life enjoyment.
It was also said that an agreement was reached and she will marry her first boy friend that she said she won't marry but the marriage day was now postponed.

Please, correct your topic; it should be "A girl leaves home on her wedding day".
Singular noun(girl) carries 's', and marriage is not done, but wedding is done. You cannot do marriage, but have a marrige or enter into a marriage.
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Thanks for correcting but i am unable to edit the topic title because there is no an option to edit.
Ok; you are welcome; I should be able to edit it for you as a moderator, but I encounter the same problem here, and I dont what causes that; Mr A, will definitely be able to edit it.
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Okay i will be delightful if he will do it
God, when this silly staff will collapse? How on Earth can we chase money and take it for happiness? In result, such people are alone and regretting. Family life is something very private, it allows in no material obstacles or estimation of the others. When you get married, you create a new world, a combination of two universes, where you play on your own internal rules. Let's seek for harmony and love, money is just paper! Go to and find your destiny girl to realize your dreams of a happy family! Good luck!
Dating sites are not the place where you find your destiny. It's extremely hard way for this. And money or other measure of success are nice thing. But u need to think about it before wedding and even dating. You need to realize what exactly you want from relationship and find the partner who can give you this. I used this kind of service and it's nice place to communicate with beautiful girls, but like i said before, it hard to find "you second part" there. 
The best way of finding your real wife/husband is by praying to God for insights and guidiance; all these dating sites are all tiresome and they are for ordinary boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.
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money and enjoyment ends up once
Its true that few pple meet their God-ordained life-partner on internet, but its like 1% of people looking for it on the net get the right answer.
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Break wat u mean @mr paul
Guys, it's all in the laps of the gods, indeed. But how can you just sit and wait for your Mr/Ms Right to come?! You should act, anyways! Dear Jango, ating sites are a cutting-edge communication technology. You should be aware of scams, of course. However, there're lots of real people ready to go into relationships. It all depends on your attentiveness at such sites.
@maryapple, marriage matter is deeper than you think;u act in prayer,God act, then u act; when it comes to choosing the right life-partner(not just any partner), you must consult God(not gods) for guidiance and listen to Him; you must take steps, right; but many are taking wrong steps today: l've been in marriage for seven years now and l knew how l came into it: l prayed for over four years to confirm my wife, even after God had told me she is the one: it was after the four years l opened my mouth to talk to her on the issue(l didnt choose from internet).
Why are many youths today lamenting after wedding days?
As marriage counsellor, l discover that they think they can choose with their own discretion and when they enter marriage, they know that marriage is a sentitive case.
I know that you can by chance get your real life-partner(who will give you peace of mind for life) on dating sites(internet); but the chance is only 1%, believe me,l've proved this, except you just want to get anybody anyhow.
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panchaze do u see any tin like modify
Modify What?
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U know u told him to change the topic and he said he cant edit it
Yes, but he hasn't done so, may be he could not get it modified and he is not on-line now.
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