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Mr A

Law 1: Never Outshine The Master

Nicolas Fouquet made the mistake of appearing larger than his king, Louis XIV, and spent his remaining days incarcerated.

Avoid victories over superiors, it will cost you more than it is worth.

Law 2: Never Put Too Much Trust In Friends. Learn How to Use Enemies

Michael The Third, King of the Byzantine Empire was saved from death by Basilius, who Michael in turn favored with gifts and prestige. Basilius, lusting for more power murdered Michael out of greed. Instead of showing gratitude, he was insatiable.

Trust from a distance. People are selfish and pursue their own interests. Former opponents make more loyal and stronger friends.

Law 3: Conceal Your Intentions

The Marquis de Sevigne wanted to seduce a young countess. Instead of being indirect and subtle, he exposed his true feelings for her and she lost all interest as he blurted out that he loved her.

Add a sense of unexplicable mystery to your character.

Law 4: Always Say Less Than Necessary

Law 5: So Much Depends on Reputation - Guard It With Your Life

During the second world war, Erwin Rommel was known for his superior skill in cunning and deceptive strategy. All of the opposition were demoralized and doubting their chances of success facing him.
Your reputation preceeds you. Build and protect it carefully.

Law 6: Court Attention at All Costs

Pablo Picasso would not allow himself to fade into the background. He would rather paint something out of the ordinary and ugly than be forgotten.

All publicity is good publicity. Don't let yourself become one of many.

Law 7: Get Others To Do The Work For You

Thomas Edison wasn't much of a scientist, but a businessman. He would capitalize on Nikola Tesla's genius and garner all the credit.

Hire talents capable of doing what you can't.

Law 8: Make Other People Come To You - Use Bait If Neccessary

"When I have laid bait for deer, I don't shoot at the first doe that comes to sniff, but wait until the whole herd has gathered round". - Otto von Bismarck.

Force your opponent to react to your moves.

Law 9: Win Through Your Actions - Not Through Argument

Mucianus needed strong ships. Without guarding his tongue, his engineer argued that a different type than the one Mucianus preferred would be much better for the conquest. Despite being right, the engineer was sentenced to death.

Don't argue with authorities. Agree and suggest an alternative, then demonstrate.

Law 10: Infection - Avoid The Unhappy and Unlucky

Lola Montez brought down the King of Bavaria and his whole kingdom by seducing him. Her lust for destruction and chaos was insatiable. Countless lives perished because of her nature.

Cut out the firestarters. Try to help them instead and you too will burn along side them.

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