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Mr A
In his own words .......
“I started robbing in 2010 (at 17
years old) with a friend of mine.
We went to a house and stole
N300 and a handset. The second
time, both of us went to
Ogbomoso-Ilorin expressway at
about 10p.m. and robbed the
passengers of a commercial space
bus. We did not use any weapon
but broke bottles on the ground
to scare them and we succeeded
in collecting N8,000 from them. I
also started smoking marijuana
last year but kept it from my
“ Before shooting my dad, I had a
dream in which I saw my parents
kill me by strangulating me. I then
thought that instead of waiting
for that to happen to me, I should
kill them first. I went to the ceiling
of our house to pick my father’s
pump action rifle. I knew he had a
gun because he had one day
given me his gun licence to go and
do a photocopy for him but I
didn’t know where he kept it.
“One day, I went to the ceiling of
our house when there was an
electrical fault and I saw the gun
where my father hid it in the
space between the ceiling and the
roof. So, after I had the dream, I
went to pick the gun and headed
for my father’s sitting room
where he was sitting. I had never
handled a gun before but knew
how to operate it through the
films I had watched.
“I got to the sitting room and
shot him on the leg. When my
mother heard the sound of the
shot, she came out of the room
and rushed at me to collect the
gun from me. I aimed her, pulled
the trigger and ran out with the
gun. I moved to a school close to
our house, dug the ground and
buried the gun. The following day,
I went back home but as soon as
my mother saw me, she held on to
me and said she would not allow
me to leave as I had shot my
“In order to loosen her grip on me,
I brought out a dagger on me,
stabbed her once and ran out
again. I left for my father’s
second house at Water area,
Ogbomoso and was sleeping in
the mosque of the house when
my cousins came to apprehend
me, after which they called in the

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D enemy coms 2 steal, kill and destroy. Pple need 2 understand that not all dreams are the way they seem 2 be. ur brother in dream may nt really be the one after u cos he could be representing someone else. All we need 2 do is pray and believe we are safe
Firstly, that boy lacked home training before he started to perform those antrocities, moreso, dreams are like mirage atimes, not all dreams are real, one needs to be careful of dreams; the enemy is at the back of that scene, the story told above is a spiritual set-up.
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Pls is this a DREAM or a REALITY?
This is very fatal,this boy is heartless although his parent didn't bring him up well he has to repent of this evil deed
parent should know the kind of children they have
oh!! life is complicated..
Pls is this a DREAM or a REALITY?
plz answer dis question....sum1 shotin is fader
Moral Lesson:- "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs. 22:6). Many parents have failed in their responsilities of training their children and their children have become thorns in their flesh. Some parents finds it difficult to beat young-age children, thinking they are still young. The Bible says "Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him." (Prov. 22:15). Child training starts when the child is still in the womb: it is not easy to bend a dried fish, you can bend it when its still fresh: "make hay when the sun shines" .
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Ruth l agree with u this act is horable
like father like son
Smart guy,ko fi para,omo a se bee fun e (amen)
d boy s very silly 4 killing hs parents,nw wat hs he gained... notin, no parents nd he's wit d police,hey! d devil s a liar, i pray he changes wen he comes out 4rm d cell
Oh, so bad.
well all the fault is from his parent because (1)they didn't train him well (2) what should his father also be doing with a gun

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