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Mr A
Hello ladies and gentlemen, I know it has been ages since I published lesson 2 (How To Stay Beautiful)... This was because yours truly was trying to handle the growing traffic and see that the new members are given the attention they need as well as other personal offline businesses - these have kept me busy all this time. Well, thanks to the new moderators, Sam and the rest, coupled with the festive holiday season, I guess yours truly now has a bit of time to bless you wonderful people with another educative lesson on the TEN FOR TEN series. This one is titled How To Save More Money.

In case you are reading this series for the first time, the theme for Ten For Ten is "How To Live a Better and Happier Life". This series will contain 10 inspirational articles that will keep you happy, stress-free and worry-free at all times.


1. First Things First - Deal With Your Debt
Dealing with debt and the threathening stream of calls from the people you owe doesn't need to be terrifying. Take the first step towards financial freedom. Set up a meeting with each lender or creditor and work out a payment plan. If they won't accept bit payments, get someone close to you or a matured individual you can trust to collect the part payments until it is complete. Although the wisest thing to do (if you owe a huge sum) will be to open a new bank account for saving the part payments, but if you owe a small amount, it may be recomended to get one of those locally made piggy banks to save the money in.
Very Important: The only thing that keeps a lender's mind at rest is knowing when they will get their money. Make sure you tell your lender what you have done and the exact date they will get the money. This will stop them from randomly calling you to ask for the money.

2. Go For Quality Not Quantity:
Over the course of a week, write down what you spend your money on and include every expenditure.
On Sunday, review it and look for ways to change your spending habits the following week and then saving towards a luxurious reward.
For example, instead of buying 5 pirated DVD season movies from the road side to watch at home, save that money and use it for a trip to the cinema at the weekend instead. Who knows, you could meet someone new. :)

3. Money Management Services
Take advantage of free money management apps on your mobile phone, desktop or online. Some apps have the functionality to notify you when you're exceeding your normal budget as well as when you need to renew certain bills. If you own a BlackBerry, check out HandyLogsMoney on BlackBerry App World.

That's all folks, I hope you enjoyed Lesson 3 from the TEN FOR TEN series. Untill next time when I am psyched up enough to pen down the fourth part of the series. Have a wonderful weekend.

Coming soon... Lesson Four

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It's beautiful brother! Good job, Well done!
Thanks Mr A for the benefitial write-up; we realy gain from the topic; may God bless you for enlightening us on this sir.
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Thats a good one . u ar doing a very good job.i luv that.
I didnot understand it
it's a nice deal
Chris Head Mod.
I didnot understand it
You can try reading again sir :)
Mr A
Mr A Admin
Thats a good one . u ar doing a very good job.i luv that.
Thank you.
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