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Mr A

Moderator and Member Guidelines

Moderators are allowed to:

1. Delete Spam Posts and Topics
That is, posts trying to scam or deceive people. For example: "Earn cool cash by clicking here",...... "Visit here for exam expo and free browsing". e.t.c

2. Delete Useless Topics
Topics that make no sense. For example: Topic title: "English", Topic content: "Hi guys".

3. Delete Posts Linking To Other Websites
Except posts from Head moderators or the Admin.

4. Edit Topic Titles
If a moderator feels the title of a topic is not descriptive enough or contains a spelling or grammatical error, he/she is allowed to change it. Except posts from the Admin.

5. Ban Troublesome Members
This includes members who flood a topic with many 'pointless' replies at once or members who pose as a problem to other members or acts against the general community.

If you feel you were treated unfairly by a moderator, please send a report to me or the head moderator.
Moderators if you feel you were treated unfairly by a Head moderator, send a report to me. Thank you.

Head Moderator

Pastor Abrahams
EL Nancy
Winner 50
Revision (8 May 2014): Changed "many posts at once" to "many pointless replies at once".

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Thanks Mr A; understood sir.
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Number 5 needs an amendment, a serious, steadfast and proper amendment. I thaught you Mr A. ''posted a topic'' concerning to be a writer and you stated that anyone interested in it should PM you and when you are impress, the person will be change to a writer and  he/she will at least post 20 Topic in a month just as the deal and agreement. So why should a person be ban simply because he flood topic with many post, what if those topics has great impact to be share among members and non members, or what if those topics needs help in multitude. I hope my oppinion can be well understood clearly... And secondly problem as you said meant ''trobule'' and i dont think there is any member that will poses trobule to his/her fellow member or to the community, but i wonder is there anyone in this forum without a problem, even if such member exist, i suggest there should be a reason to that problem and every problem has a cure, so i believe there should be a cure to that problem, because to ban such member will not be the soluction to the problem, and what if after such member has been banned and another problem greater than the former one rise up from another member, what will you or the Admin or Moderators do? Is to ban again, just continously like that, will that create peace in this forum? Or will that make problem never to exist? I think it really need an amendment so that members like we will have the liberty to express our feelings confidently.........
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact
Hmm! is not the answer to amend number 5 rule of law of Easynaija ,and if i may suggest again from my own oppinion, before a law or rule is documented or stated down, there should be need to consult those involve in it, i.e members must participate in creating laws or create ideas,oppinion and expression concerning how the nature of the law should be, and after that the most top law makers e.g the Admin and Moderators can now document and state down the laws based on the feelings and ideas of the members and by so doing, it will give the law a rigid recognition and a loyalty acceptance without an amendment. '' I hope my oppinion can be well understood''  .However number 5 law needs an amendment before it will be over rulled or turn over......
What else Austin? Why are you always tackling me? I said hmmm, the nature of my hmmm symbolises something. U ought to know if it's a positive or negative answer it's giving. Abeg o, make we no argue for here again.

Let your mind be at rest, law no 5 will be taken care of.
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact
Hey WhizDom, it seems you want us to start from where we stoped. Did i ever posted that my mind is trobuled? Why should you reply that my mind should be at rest? Why should my mind be trobuled? Is there any law bigger than my mind not to be at peace?  Was your name listed among the Moderators? Why should you be the one to reply? And where did you get the information that law number 5 will be taken care of? How did you know? Why should i always tackle you as you said?
Hey Austine, you know where I am heading to by saying let your mind be at rest. I don't expect you to talk like this.
I replied cos u said u want an amendment concerning law 5, i said it will be taken care of cos it was what you want and i don' want another arguement to arise.

Okay, sir. If that is what you want, an amendment, the Admin will see to it.
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact
Pls, don't misquote @Ema2. We're not quarelling, we are only.... Besides, the matter is over.
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact
Who is quarlling?
I don't know who is quarelling that he's saying we should stop quarelling.
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact

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