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Mr A
Fix for disappearing mouse pointer on Mac OS X.

Disappearing mouse cursors occur very rarely and could be as a result of low RAM memory space on the system. Although the cursor or pointer does not completely disappear, it only becomes invisible and this is a problem because you would not be able to know the position of the pointer at any given time.

If this happens to you, you would notice that the pointer disappears usually when there a lot of windows open or a lot of tabs open in your browser.

Making The Mouse Pointer Visible Again
After messing around with keys and options, I found some methods that can bring the mouse cursor back to the screen and make it visible again.

Method 1: Hold Command and press Tab to switch to another app or to Finder, wait for a few seconds, then switch back to the current window.

Method 2: Bring up the Force Quit menu by pressing Command + Option + Escape. You do not end anything, bringing up the menu should bring the cursor back.

Method 3: Close and re-launch the affected app. If the mouse cursor is also not visible in other apps, then close all apps.

Method 4: Go to System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Display, then change the size of the cursor. That should make it reappear.

Method 5: Restart your PC. This should be the last resort as it definitely would bring the mouse pointer back, but if you have unsaved work you would not like to lose, then try the other methods above.

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